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The Intimacy Blueprint Webinar

The Blueprint My Clients Use to Create Radical Self-Love, Profound Intimacy and the Romantic Relationship of their Dreams 
(even if they feel jaded, despairing and frustrated, and are stuck in empty, lifeless, unfulfilling relationships)

  • The step-by-step process my clients use to create radical self-love, profound intimacy and a fulfilling, passionate romantic relationship.

  • Why hiding the "authentic you" is not a good strategy for profound intimacy … and how any person can move into an authentic, deeply connected, joyful relationship starting today.

  • The secret to radical self-love … and the secret my clients use to create a profound emotional connection with their romantic partner (even if the relationship had been defined by constant criticism and dreadful arguments).

  • How anyone can get their partner to truly see and hear them while immersing into heart-centered intimacy … and the "embracing-the-sacred-space" secret that makes it happen effortlessly.

  • How to create significant, accelerated change now, so you don’t waste precious years hoping, waiting or enduring difficult relationships.

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Stephen Shaw is a Globally Renowned Life Coach, Intimacy Coach, Tantra Master, Shaman, and Author of 12 bestselling spiritual self-help books (click here)Book Authority's "Best Spirituality Books Of All Time" and "Best Consciousness Books Of All Time" Winner. He is the creator of The Intimacy Blueprint Webinar: "How To Create The Romantic And Intimate Relationship Of Your Dreams". Stephen is based in Los Angeles, California. As seen on TV, podcasts and digital media.

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