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The Intimacy Blueprint Webinar

The Blueprint My Clients Use to Create Radical Self-Love, Profound Intimacy and the Romantic Relationship of their Dreams 
(even if they feel jaded, despairing and frustrated, and are stuck in empty, lifeless, unfulfilling relationships)

The Intimacy Blueprint webinar by Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman and Intimacy Coach, Los Angeles California
  • The step-by-step process my clients use to create radical self-love, profound intimacy and a fulfilling, passionate romantic relationship.

  • Why hiding the "authentic you" is not a good strategy for profound intimacy … and how any person can move into an authentic, deeply connected, joyful relationship starting today.

  • The secret to radical self-love … and the secret my clients use to create a profound emotional connection with their romantic partner (even if the relationship was defined by constant criticism and dreadful arguments).

  • How anyone can get their partner to truly see and hear them while immersing into heart-centered intimacy … and the "embracing-the-sacred-space" secret that makes it happen effortlessly.

  • How to create significant, accelerated change now, so you don’t waste precious years hoping, waiting or enduring difficult relationships.

  • Prepare yourself for a brand new, deeply fulfilling romantic relationship or revitalize and renew your current romantic relationship.

  • Powerful modern relationship secrets and intimacy strategies.

  • Build the foundation for mind-blowing, ecstatic Tantra-Kundalini.

  • Thousands of lives have been transformed. Now it's time for YOU!

  • Click the blue button at bottom right if you have any questions.

  • The Intimacy Blueprint is a pre-recorded online webinar (not live), so you attend whenever it's convenient for you. Watch the webinar on any device: laptop, tablet or phone. Pause the videos to ponder a teaching, do the exercises or take notes. Learn at your own pace.

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