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Atlantis - Star Beings And Earth’s Ancient Mystical History

You are different. Always have been.

You are drawn to this serene world.

You feel the yearning, the calling.

The tranquil underwater sounds.

The potent cosmic connections.

The radical history on Earth.

Open the door of your mind,

And the gates of your heart.

You feel the truth inside.

You search for answers.

Seek no more.

Atlantis discloses the Star Beings and Earth’s ancient mystical history. This book reveals the truth about the Source and Creation of Everything, the various Extraterrestrial races, the formation and destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, and Earth’s mystery schools and secret societies. Absorb mystical teachings about Atlantean magick, crystals, lucid dreaming and astral travelling. Explore the depths and extent of Divine Love with the most spiritually advanced Pleiadean, named Jay (who also appears in my books I Am and Reflections). “One of the best self help books and self inspiration books and supernatural books hidden in the Akashic library.” Read my book Atlantis with my book trilogy comprising: 5D, Star Child, The Tribe. Immerse into radical self transformation, then proceed to the rest of my 12 personal growth books.

The beginning of my book Atlantis: 'I am going to tell you a story. An ancient story. A magical history that will resonate in your soul. A history ingrained in your deepest consciousness, in your myths and mysteries. For many of you, it will explain your innermost feelings, longings, reveries and dreams. For some of you, it may evoke a profound and beautiful déjà vu. I am your narrator. We have met before. As we drift through the twists and turns of this story, you may begin to remember me. I will reveal myself later on.'

Click here to view all 12 books: Stephen Shaw's Spiritual Self-Help Books

Stephen Shaw originally studied Psychology at university, and also completed numerous post-graduate diplomas in a variety of healing modalities. At 39 years old, he gave up his therapy practice and home, and travelled the world for 10 years. His goal was to seek out the most powerful healers and teachers across the planet. Shaw said: “I soon discovered that the highest-level teachers are the hardest to access and not known to the public. The most skilled healers are very protective over their sacred knowledge. You have to earn their trust by showing alignment to crucial positive values, like love, compassion, kindness, loyalty, honesty, integrity and respect.”

Shaw unveiled common threads behind the healing work of advanced Tibetan lamas, Peruvian shamans, Tantra masters and other esoteric teachers. Along the way, he experienced a radical and deep spiritual transformation, which shifted him into deep fulfillment, self love and joy. He then combined all the profound experiences and teachings from around the world with his own deep understanding of psychology and human nature, and wrote 12 bestselling, spiritual self help books.

Topics in the 12 spiritual awakening books and self transformation books include: spiritual self care, self love for men and women, spiritual romance, spiritual relationships, soulmates, personal growth, spiritual awakening, divine feminine and goddess spirituality, sacred Tantra, spiritual laws of success and manifestation, chakras and self care, chakra healing, emotional and spiritual healing, spiritual and esoteric knowledge, alchemy and mysticism, star beings, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, angels, afterlife, life after death, life between lives, near death experiences, astral travel, lucid dreaming, shamanism, shaman journeying and the psychedelic experience.

“My 12 spiritual enlightenment books are ideal for people who desire profound self transformation and spiritual peace. If you seek spiritual awakening, and are ready for a journey of alchemy, mysticism and radical love, then these spiritual teachings are for you,” said Shaw. “My personal growth books and self inspiration books will transform your life. My self love books and spiritual healing books are suitable for the spiritual beginner through to the advanced warrior goddess.” Click the book cover to view my 12 books. Amazon purchase links are on each book page.

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