Atlantis - Star Beings and Earth's Ancient History

You are different. Always have been.

You are drawn to this serene world.

You feel the yearning, the calling.

The tranquil underwater sounds.

The potent cosmic connections.

The radical history on Earth.

Open the door of your mind,

And the gates of your heart.

You feel the truth inside.

You search for answers.

Seek no more.

Repose here.

The beginning of my book Atlantis: 'I am going to tell you a story. An ancient story. A magical history that will resonate in your soul. A history ingrained in your deepest consciousness, in your myths and mysteries. For many of you, it will explain your innermost feelings, longings, reveries and dreams. For some of you, it may evoke a profound and beautiful déjà vu. I am your narrator. We have met before. As we drift through the twists and turns of this story, you may begin to remember me. I will reveal myself later on.' Click the book cover to view all my mystical books. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon link at each book website page. All 12 books are available on worldwide Amazon.