The Fractal Key - Secrets of The Shamans

Are you spiritually awakened?

Do you move like a yoga guru?

Are you a seeker of mystical truth ?

Do you walk esoteric and metaphysical paths?

Does your consciousness flow in the multi-dimensions?

While you wait for your next spiritual epiphany or transcendent satori or Zen nirvana or Tantra Kundalini orgasm … here is a chakra-opening, mind-bending, multi-dimensional mystical book.

The Fractal Key reveals the secrets of the shamans. This handbook for psychonauts discloses the techniques and practices used in psychedelic healing and transcendent journeys. What if everything you believe about yourself is not true? What if your convictions about life are challenged and start to crumble? What if on the other side of your ideologies exists deep, abiding happiness? What if you forgot your origin? How do you find your way Home?

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