The Other Side - Journey Into The Afterlife

If we spend our lives chasing dreams And in the end, we have not truly loved What is the point of our existence? It is easy to close the heart, live a protected life, Run from deep intimacy, Fearing we will be broken, invaded, consumed. Hold on! … I hear you vindicate, My heart’s been hurt before. Love was shattered. All I cherished lay broken at my feet. You want me to hold my heart open? You want me to risk more pain? I’m too sensitive. I’m too fearful. I’m too angry. I’m too bitter. Instead I walk away. A life half-lived. A shell with a ghost inside. An empty unfulfilled existence. A desert with scattered oases. And yet … the heart wants … To walk the path of the Heart, Risking everything for Love. Pure, deep surrender. Full immersion. Trusting,



And so, sweet soul, As long as I breathe, I ask myself Will I surrender into Love? Will I risk it all for Love? Will I live a life that truly madly deeply matters?

Always. The Other Side explores the most fundamental question in each reality. What happens when the physical body dies? Where do you go? What happens between lifetimes? Expand your awareness. Travel the sacred multi-dimensions. Journey deep into the Mystery. Click the book cover to view all my mystical books. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon link at each book website page. All 12 books are available on worldwide Amazon.