The Power of Values

Imagine a tree that is solid and healthy at its core. Notice those beautiful green leaves. The shapes, textures and scents. In Autumn, leaves will fall. In Spring, they will return. Our lives are like a tree. Things will change. Shift happens. As long as your core is healthy, you will blossom once again. And what makes a healthy, vibrant, strong core? Values. Honesty Integrity Compassion Kindness In the end of the day, you meet yourself. At the end of your life, you meet yourself. If you live your life with healthy values, you have … fulfilment, peace and joy karma-free diamond strings alignment with beings of Light access to Higher Consciousness. To nurture your precious heart and soul, also choose friends and a romantic partner who embrace and manifest the values of honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness. From my book The Fractal Key: 'Karma-free diamond strings ... I nod earnestly ... Yes. The strings that connect all beings ... Sagacious scrutiny.' From my book Star Child: 'The gods of light, the precursors of the great religions, the great spiritual teachers – they all taught the same things: loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, equality, respect, responsibility, gratitude and service.' From my book Star Child: 'I choose … to live authentically and ignore the lure of half-truths and untruths … to walk away from complaining, negativity and bitterness … to behave with courage, compassion and forgiveness … to do no harm and accept no harm.' From my book The Sorcerer: 'Compassion, which is the vital attitude and energy. He shows his other upturned palm. Loving-kindness, which is the crucial action and doing.' Click the book cover to view all my mystical books. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon link at each book website page. Surf my blog for intriguing spiritual teachings ...

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