The Sorcerer - Magick, Power and Mysticism

The Sorcerer is a fulfilling, enchanting journey into Magick, Power and Mysticism. The Sorcerer is written in my usual serene, meditative style (never rush when reading my books or you'll miss the hidden magick and mystical energy weaved into the text). What can I tell you without giving too much away? I have created a story linked to my travels through the monasteries and temples of incredible Tibet, meetings with serene lamas and monks, along with a sprinkling of awesome, sunny California. The first half of the book expounds the paths of Awareness and Love. There are interesting spiritual teachings and wonderful mantras and meditations. The second half of the book shimmers with juicy, delicious, yummylicious Tantra. (Caution: You may find some of the Tantric teachings a little stimulating.)

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