The Tribe - Ancient Aliens and Tantric New Earth

Book 3 in the trilogy, comprising 5D - Star Child - The Tribe.

5D was a cosmic adventure across multiple realities. Layers and exciting secrets unearthed. Ideal for those seeking answers to intriguing historical enigmas: Who is the Time Lord? Who gave birth to the Buddha? Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Who are the Arcturians, Pleiadeans and Greys? What is the origin and purpose of Area 51 (aka Paradise Ranch)?

Star Child revealed the magical shamans in Africa and Peru. The Divine Tantra of Shiva and Shakti. The retrieval of powerful sacred objects and ancient technology. The mastering of ethereal sacred multi-dimensions. The return of the gods and goddesses of light. And the ultimate battle of light versus darkness at Machu Picchu.

The Tribe expounds the joyful creation of new Earth. What happened after the legendary battle of Machu Picchu? What is Christ consciousness? Who are the Gifted? What is Ecstatic Tantra and Kundalini? Discover the love of soul mates and intimacy of kindred spirits.

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