They Walk Among Us - Angels, Love and Relationships

What is spirituality without love? A flower without a scent. A sky without sunshine. A forest without trees. Empty irrelevance. And what, precisely, is love? Is it a warm and fuzzy feeling? Is it a longing, craving, desire? Is it a bouquet of sweet words? What are words without deeds? What are feelings without actions? Is there anything greater than compassion and kindness? From my book They Walk Among Us: 'Perhaps love in all its forms is the one true antidote to the strange, struggling emptiness of existence.' From my book The Tribe: 'My final lesson was Love. Becoming immersed and engulfed in Love. Understanding Love in all its forms. Appreciating Love. Being Love. Acting with Love. Loving-kindness. Altruism.' From my book Star Child: 'I am engulfed in Light … overwhelmed with Love … swept into an astounding orgasm of the Heart …' From my book Star Child: 'You know the answer to that one. Love is always worth it.'

They Walk Among Us is a love story spanning two realities. Explore the mystery of the angels. Who are the Guardians, Messengers and Keepers of the Light? Discover the secrets of Love Whispering for a fulfilling and joyful romantic relationship. Immerse into Love in all its forms. Click the book cover to view all my mystical books. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon link at each book website page. All 12 books are available on worldwide Amazon.