Words Can Change Your Life

There have been times in my life when a phrase or sentence or paragraph totally changed my thinking, attitude and perspective about something. A line from a song or film or book or blog can introduce information previously unknown or not considered. These catalysts often foster a re-evolution: a profound shift in cognition, emotion and behaviour. The result is usually an increase in clarity, motivation, direction, fulfilment, peace and joy. That is one of the reasons I write spiritual mystical books. My books stimulate your mind, stir your heart, rouse your spirit, kindle your consciousness, and caress your soul. The stories are generously sprinkled with pragmatism. Dreaming by itself does not change lives. You need engaging stories, interesting characters, delicious inspiration and useful tools. My books mingle the mystical and mundane. They amalgamate spirituality and practicality. They introduce esoteric novel notions to stretch your ideology, and they provide sensible down-to-earth techniques to apply to your life. I write to change the world. I write to have a positive impact on the lives of others. I write to inspire new ideas and life choices. I write to spark fulfilment, peace and joy. From my second book Heart Song: 'Destiny is nothing more than the radiance of your soul’s unique light.' The radiant light of my soul is spiritual teacher and author of mystical books. Writing is weaved within the fabric of my soul. I do what I love ... and I love what I do. It's all kinda purrfect ... (yes, that spelling).

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