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5D - book by Stephen Shaw


5D is a profound, intriguing story that unveils the Star Beings and Earth’s mystical history. This book reveals the truth about Extraterrestrials. Who is the Time Lord? What is the Time Stream? Who are the Arcturians, Pleiadeans and Greys? Who is the Dark Lizard? Who gave birth to the Buddha? What really happened at the Roswell Crash in 1947? What is the origin and purpose of Area 51? Absorb the sacred spiritual teachings of the Star Beings. 5D is the first book in the Cosmic TrilogyRead my book Atlantis with the Cosmic Trilogy comprising 5D, Star Child and The Tribe for profound life-changing knowledge, spiritual guidance and esoteric secrets.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


Stephen Shaw's captivating book, "5D", takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the realms of spiritual peace, self-transformation, spiritual awakening, mysticism, and personal growth. This profound and intriguing story unveils the hidden secrets of Earth's mystical history, shedding light on the enigmatic Star Beings that have influenced our existence.


Within the pages of "5D", the truth about Extraterrestrials is revealed, offering answers to questions that have long fascinated humanity. Shaw explores the identities and roles of various extraterrestrial races, such as the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, and Greys. Readers will delve into the mysteries of the Time Lord and the Time Stream, unraveling the intricacies of time and space.


Moreover, the book delves into the depths of Earth's history and its encounters with otherworldly beings. Questions surrounding the enigmatic Dark Lizard, the birth of the Buddha, and the truth behind the infamous Roswell Crash of 1947 are explored, providing thought-provoking insights and alternative perspectives.


"5D" also shines a light on the mysterious Area 51, unveiling its origins and purpose in the context of Earth's mystical tapestry. Within its pages, readers have the opportunity to absorb the sacred spiritual teachings bestowed upon humanity by the wise Star Beings, expanding their understanding of the cosmos and our interconnectedness with other realms.


Stephen Shaw's "5D" is a captivating and thought-provoking exploration of the unknown. Its pages invite readers to embrace the mysteries of the universe and delve into the profound teachings offered by the Star Beings. Through this remarkable book, individuals are encouraged to expand their consciousness, ignite their curiosity, and journey towards spiritual awakening and self-transformation.


"5D" serves as a gateway to a realm of profound wisdom, where spiritual peace and personal growth intertwine with the fascinating tapestry of Earth's mystical history. It is an invitation to explore the depths of the unknown and embrace the profound spiritual teachings of the Star Beings, ultimately guiding readers towards a greater understanding of themselves and the cosmos.


"5D answers the questions that I have always pondered. A journey through time. A chase through mysterious portals. Gods, aliens, star beings … all ensconced in a delicious spiritual story."


"I love the way your stories intertwine and deliciously entangle ... very enchanting and romantic … 5D is a fascinating mind-bending journey … inter-dimensional beings, aliens and gods … with much to teach us and messages of hope … the backstory of the Buddha and his intriguing connection to higher beings … the gift of laughter and the bliss of existence … I adore all Stephen Shaw books … beckoning us into infinite Love … shifting us into highest Wisdom … drawing us into eternal Light … the time for awakening and enlightenment is here."


"5D is a fantastic book that immediately captures the imagination and makes it incredibly difficult to put down. The exciting mystical journey takes you deep down the rabbit hole, and connects unexplained events on earth to the distant future, woven together with the delicate threads of time. It's another step on the spiritual journey of discovery started in the fantastic I AM."


"The best way to describe this book is Star Wars meets Matrix meets Butterfly Effect. Another incredible read by Stephen. I've read all of his books, my favorite is I Am but 5D is next. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story unfolded and then came together. I know there is truth in 5D."


"I still have chills after 30 minutes of finishing 5D! I am thinking 'What just happened?' I became such a part of this magical story that I had vivid dreams of myself time traveling. I feel I've raised my level of consciousness many times over and certainly stimulated my spirituality even more. To say this book is DEEP is an understatement! It takes you places you never could even imagine and leaves you not only speechless but deliriously happy and hopeful about future events."


"5D is pure mystical art. This intriguing story draws you into a wild chase through planets and dimensions, while opening your eyes to Reality. It leaves you with one breathless question: 'What if it's all true?' An astounding spiritual book from a brilliant spiritual teacher."


"5D is an absolute must-read for the spiritual seeker. It continues the series of mystical teachings from Stephen Shaw. Hopefully you are reading these books in sequence, as each book builds upon the last, creating intriguing and enthralling layers of knowledge. The question posed by 5D is 'How deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?' Hold on tight because it's going to stretch your mind and nudge your soul to the next level!"


"I am utterly amazed and blessed by this book. Life-changing, mind-opening, heart-healing, Spirit-awakening and Soul-teaching. Absolutely amazing story, that grabs you up and plummets you away. Fasten your seat belts, Readers!"


"Stephen has captured my imagination with all of his books and this book was no different. The journey he takes you on is a fast paced adrenaline rush that provides you with mystery, excitement and thought provoking questions deep in your mind. He really makes you think about the possibilities of the universe and how we all intertwine for the greatest good. He has an amazing ability to make you think outside the box. A fantastic read leaving you feeling even more informed. In order to really grasp the golden thread he has woven within each book and from book to book, I would read all his books to experience this true magic."


"Stephen Shaw is my favourite mystical author. I've read all his books and had the good fortune to meet him in Peru. He operates at a whole other level of magic and mysticism, and overflows with light, love, joy and wisdom. The latest book 5D continues his mission to raise world consciousness and stimulate spiritual awakening. It is an excellent book and a must-read for Starseeds, Angels and Seekers!!"

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