The book STAR CHILD by Stephen Shaw

Star Child

Star Child heralds the profound, dramatic changes on Earth. Magical shamans in Africa and Peru. Divine Tantra of Shiva and Shakti. Retrieval of powerful sacred objects and ancient technology. Mastering the ethereal sacred multi-dimensions. Return of the gods and goddesses of light. The ultimate battle of light versus darkness at Machu Picchu. My books provide mystical and connected paths toward transcendent knowledge, deep fulfilment, peace and joy. Star Child is the second book in the trilogy comprising 5D - Star Child - The Tribe. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon logo.

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Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon

What Readers Are Saying

"Star Child is a gripping spiritual adventure that whisks you into an intriguing time on future earth. It is so packed with subtle and layered teachings that you can't help but read it again and again. Hidden under the guise of a fascinating story, the book is pregnant with intricately weaved mysticism and truth."

"My heart was cracked wide open when I once again read about 'The Mantra of Tantra'. Many of us live in fear and pain which keeps us in darkness or out of a state of pure being or pure love. By reading this awesomely inspirational book, you will learn over and over how to be the light that you truly are and how to open your heart and have the courage to be vulnerable to loving yourself and others in a way you never dreamed possible. When you allow this to happen, you will be capable of experiencing a Heart Orgasm. I know your heart and soul will be blessed by the divine love and energy that Stephen infuses into every word of this spiritual masterpiece."

"Stephen manages to somehow combine easy reading with deep and complex spiritual ideas. The two seamlessly lead you through the story line whilst you absorb deep wisdom effortlessly. This book touched on everything that I have been interested in since childhood - Egypt, India, Ancient Gods, Aliens, Teachers and timeless wisdom. Star Child pulls together so many spiritual elements, so many resonances, that I was left feeling that the book had touched many levels within me - and to me this is the sign of a book that contains ultimate truth."

"Wisdom, beauty, sensibility, depth, adventure, wit and the most delightful sense of humor, all rolled up in one book. This book contains enormous amounts of wisdom from different spiritual traditions, which is conveyed in a very easy and fluid yet deep way in the midst of a compelling and frequently 'keep you on the edge of your seat' kind of story."

"The sequel to the mind-stretching 5D!! Star Child introduces the magical shamans in Africa, Peru and America. The mystical teachings from the Elders and Council of Light. The cosmic Tantra of Shiva and Shakti, leading to divine romantic relationships and a new way of interacting on planet Earth. The return of the gods and goddesses of light. That intriguing and mysterious hummingbird makes a reappearance too!! Fabulous book for spiritual teachers and seekers!!"

"Stephen Shaw has this amazing ability to capture me within the first few pages of every book he has written. This story was a delightful read where I found myself emerged in the adventure of an exciting journey filled with interesting characters and subtle humor which had me laughing out loud on many occasion. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience an adventure into the future filled with mystery, love, compassion, adrenaline and laughter."

"Star Child massages the soul, excites the spirit and lifts the mind to the next level. An excellent story clearly laying out advanced mystical teachings. Unlike any spiritual book I have ever read. Moves beyond the classics of Bach, Tolle, Dyer and into its own beautiful genre. Fascinating, entertaining, enlightening, and amazing. I loved it!"

"Stephen shares there are two aspects of life; one is an un-manifested field of dreams, the other is in the infinite realities, in the manifested dreams. Within this material one can learn to unleash the dreams from within, breaking free of the traps that keep us from recognizing our truest nature and creating a life of freedom. In this colourful story Adam, the main character, tells in first person of how he steps into the future and is guided through many difficult yet important life changing experiences to uncover his truest nature and learn of his purpose for living. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to find their highest, most brilliant expression of themselves."

"I have to tell you, I LOVED STAR CHILD ... I feel like I travelled to places that I could only have imagined. It is a wonderful book, thought-provoking, mystical and inspirational. If you want to move to the next spiritual level, then this book is for you."

"Enlightening book that embraces and shares important and possibly unknown truths about other religions and cultures. With the awakening which is occurring across the plant, people are recognizing the need for and importance of acceptance, non-judgment, tolerance, compassion and love. These principles are highlighted in this book. It is interesting, enlightening and entertaining. I enjoyed the dialogue, full of humor, and the unity and friendships uniting countries, religions and cultures."