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Reflections - book by Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman, Los Angeles California


REFLECTIONS offers profound inspiration for self transformation and spiritual awakening. Open this handbook for spiritual enlightenment and unwrap mystical words for guidance, meditation and contemplation. You will discover one succinct spiritual teaching on each mystical page. Unveil a new sacred teaching every day! The cover is Jay who is the mystical teacher in my books I Am and Atlantis. Carry this book in your bag or keep on your bedside table. Read my books Reflections, I Am and Divine Love together for spiritual guidance, profound life-changing knowledge and soul-fulfilllng wisdom.


Available only in Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


Stephen Shaw's book titled "Reflections" is a treasure trove of profound inspiration, offering readers a transformative journey towards self-transformation and spiritual awakening. Within its pages, Shaw masterfully weaves together a tapestry of wisdom, guiding seekers towards the path of spiritual enlightenment.


"Reflections" serves as a beacon of light, providing life guidance and illuminating the way for those yearning to explore the depths of their being. Shaw's words resonate with authenticity, inviting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery through meditation and contemplation. With each turn of the page, the book becomes a trusted companion, offering insights and practical tools for personal growth and self-help.


Embedded within "Reflections" are spiritually healing words, as Shaw's teachings extend to the realm of emotional and spiritual well-being. The book imparts esoteric lessons, unveiling the secrets of the universe and opening doors to deeper understanding. Each mystical page holds a succinct spiritual teaching, delivering profound messages that resonate with the soul.


As readers engage with "Reflections", they are met with the profound wisdom that lies within. The book encourages introspection, urging individuals to explore the depths of their being and awaken their true potential. Shaw's guidance serves as a roadmap, offering clarity and direction on the spiritual path.


"Reflections" is a testament to Stephen Shaw's mastery as an author and spiritual guide. Through this remarkable book, readers find solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. It is a gateway to self-discovery, providing a safe space for exploration and transformation. "Reflections" stands as a testament to the power of words and their ability to ignite the spark of spiritual awakening within each reader's heart and mind.


"This is the most amazing book I have ever read. It is not your usual book, but a source of spiritual knowledge and guidance. Stephen has used each page of this book to hold just one spiritually enlightened quote. I use this book in giving me guidance on a daily basis. Ask the question you need help with in your mind, and then open the book to find the quote you need on that day. So simple, yet so empowering."

"Reflections is a truly wonderful book ... a portable reminder of the spiritual teachings of Stephen Shaw ... Each page carries a mystical or enlightened phrase ... You open the book anywhere and ponder your mystical phrase ... Perfect with morning coffee or just before going to sleep ... And you finally get to meet Jay, Stephen's mysterious teacher. Reflections is ideal to read after completing I Am, Heart Song, They Walk Among Us and The Other Side. It's an awesome, serene, inspirational book!!"


"Reflections is quite simply the icing on the cake ... It is far more than a Handbook For The Soul. It contains a profound sprinkling of magic. The book seems to radiate a divine energy. Hold it in your hands and gaze at the cover. Then turn to the introduction and read about the artwork! Your soul will smile."


"I love, love, love Reflections! This book contains all the teachings from the previous books, encapsulating all their wisdom in one place! The book has an energy about it that makes you want to carry it with you wherever you go. I have been meditating with it daily. I open to any page and then sit with it. It has rocked my world."


"Reflections offers more than fabulous daily inspiration! It reflects the deep teachings of a wonderful spiritual teacher. Each page resonates with a magical mystical energy. This collection of profound and pragmatic wisdoms will set your heart and mind on the right path. It will encourage you to begin each day with a song in your soul, and let you slip into the sweetest dreams each night. Absolutely beautiful book!"


"Each day that I open the book, a new message awaits that has meaning to me in that moment. It's an amazing book filled with powerful messages that speak to your soul and evoke deep thought. This book is a combination of healing, inspirational and meditative messages that help you raise your level of consciousness. A truly magnificent book that I personally believe are messages from those who watch over us."


"Reflections should be called Handbook for Awakening or Reminders For The Advanced Soul. It is a profound and enlightening book. If you are a Seeker and dedicated to penetrating the veils of the Mystery, then this book is for you. It is absolutely essential that you read Stephen Shaw's books in sequence, starting with I Am, then journeying through Heart Song, They Walk Among Us, Star Child, and finally resting with Reflections."


"This is exactly what I was waiting for! A book of daily inspiration. One succinct meditative phrase or sentence per page. The best part? Each phrase comes directly from Shaw's first four books. A perfect handy reminder!!"


"When I first read I AM I wished I had all the teachings in a notebook so that I could carry them around with me. Then after reading Heart Song, Star Child and They Walk Among Us that wish was only intensified! Well thankfully wishes do come true because Stephen has now put all of the profound and captivating teachings in his latest book, Reflections. This book is an absolute gem and a must for anyone whose life has been touched and moved by Stephen's other books. The words I need in any moment are always there for me whatever page I turn to and it never fails to provide food for thought."


"Reflections is a collection of spiritual and meditational work. It is the perfect companion for daily inspiration. I guarantee that regardless of what it is that urges you to open that book, whichever page you turn to will be what you needed to hear."

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