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The Sorcerer - book by Stephen Shaw

The Sorcerer

THE SORCERER is a mystical book that invites you to explore the Path of Divine Light. Discover the secret teachings and mantras of Tibetan lamas. Learn about the Way Of The Heart. Absorb the profound teachings of Heart Tantra, and shift your life into radical self love, authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy. Meet the dragons who are the Keepers of Sacred Knowledge. Unveil the mystical sacred land of Shambhala. All the advanced spiritual and esoteric knowledge was acquired during my travels in Tibet. Read my books The Sorcerer, The Fractal Key and The Other Side together for ultimate spiritual guidance, life-changing knowledge and soul-fulfilling wisdom.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


In Stephen Shaw's captivating novel, "The Sorcerer", readers are invited on a transformative journey through the realms of spiritual peace, self-transformation, spiritual awakening, mysticism, and personal growth. This remarkable work delves into the depths of esoteric wisdom, offering profound insights into the secrets and teachings of Tibetan lamas.


Within the pages of "The Sorcerer", Shaw unveils the secret teachings and mantras passed down by Tibetan lamas, offering readers a glimpse into the profound knowledge that has been guarded for centuries. The book delves into the Way of the Heart, guiding individuals to embrace radical self-love, authenticity, intimacy, and ecstasy as transformative gateways to personal and spiritual growth.


One of the jewels of "The Sorcerer" lies in the exploration of Heart Tantra, where Shaw imparts profound teachings that awaken the power of the heart. Through this mystical practice, readers are guided towards a deeper understanding of love, connection, and the expansiveness of the human spirit.


Encounter the dragons who are the Keepers of Sacred Knowledge, mythical beings who guard the ancient wisdom of the ages. Through their wisdom, readers gain access to the mystical realm of Shambhala, an ethereal land said to hold profound spiritual significance.


"The Sorcerer" is a testament to Shaw's acquisition of advanced spiritual and esoteric knowledge during his travels in Tibet. Within its pages, readers are granted glimpses into these profound teachings, enabling them to expand their own spiritual journey and deepen their understanding of the mystical realms.


By delving into "The Sorcerer", individuals embark on a transformative quest, guided by Stephen Shaw's wisdom and experiences. Through this captivating book, readers are empowered to discover the realms of self-transformation, spiritual awakening, and radical love, unlocking the gates to their own inner sorcery and embracing the profound mysteries that lie beyond.


"Still my favourite spiritual author. You are a mystical and magnificent blend of modern-day Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda, James Redfield and Don Miguel Ruiz. As far as I am concerned, no other spiritual author is on your level. The Sorcerer is another brilliant story."


"The Sorcerer is serene, beautiful, awesome. It continues the gorgeous style and flavour of Stephen Shaw's writings. If you liked his other books, you will love this one! A fabulous must-read."

"I love the Tantra!! It expands the teachings from Star Child and The Tribe. It is such a JUICY way to live. I love the conversations about Intimacy, the aspects of Love, and the dimensions of a Tantric relationship. So insightful, brilliant and illuminating! The Sorcerer is a superb book!"


"It's the hidden gems and mystical references that I love in Stephen's books. There is a good reason why he states in the foreword 'My books are designed to be read at a slower, meditative pace'. If you rush through his books, you miss half the fun. The Sorcerer is in prime position on my bookshelf."


"Thank you, Stephen Shaw, for another spiritual and pragmatic book! You always seem to balance the mystical and mundane; helping your readers keep their feet firmly on the ground while reaching for the stars. The Sorcerer contains so many useful techniques and practices. And it's a wonderful story!!"


"Wow, that was a journey ... the deepest meditations ... surrendering into Love ... immersing into tantalising Tantra! As always, I learned so much. I feel excited to try everything you shared. I love how you weave useful teachings into a radical mystical story. Everyone should read this book. I loved it!"


"The Sorcerer is a highly recommended mystical read. It is part of a series of profound spiritual teachings, leading to a deeper understanding of life, the universe and everything. When you read the book, it is imperative that you take your time and savour each page. Well worth it!"


"The Sorcerer is another excellent book from an enthralling esoteric author. If you don't yet know Stephen Shaw's work, for goodness' sake buy a few of his books and get reading. You will wonder why you waited so long!"


"Your books have taught me so much. Every story seems designed to move my life to the next level. I am deeply grateful for the countless lessons. So many layers have been peeled back and immersed in pure Love. Every part of my life has become more fulfilled. For me, The Sorcerer was the tipping point, the final caress to move me into deep peace, bliss and spiritual awakening."


"I read The Sorcerer on the beach ... the gentle sound of ocean waves ... the warm sun on my skin ... slowly, slowly ... over a few days. Then I read it again ... and once more. It's just perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!"

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