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The Other Side - book by Stephen Shaw

The Other Side

THE OTHER SIDE shares awakened teachings about the Afterlife and Life between Lives. What happens when the physical body dies? Where do you go? What happens between lifetimes? What happens during near death experiences? What is the purpose of life and death? What is fate, karma and destiny? How do you use free will to create your reality? Who are the beings of light in higher dimensions? Who are the compassionate and kind spirit guides? Explore the multi-dimensions that exist beyond Earth reality. Read my books The Other Side, They Walk Among Us and The Sorcerer together for ultimate spiritual guidance, life-changing knowledge and soul-fulfilling wisdom.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


Stephen Shaw's book, "The Other Side", delves into a realm of profound exploration, encompassing spiritual peace, self-transformation, and spiritual awakening. Through the lens of mysticism and personal growth, Shaw's awakened teachings shed light on the mysteries that lie beyond the physical realm.


Within the pages of "The Other Side", readers are guided on a captivating journey, discovering the profound truths about the Afterlife and Life between Lives. Shaw's insightful exploration unravels the enigma of what occurs when the physical body ceases to exist. He illuminates the path that souls embark upon and unveils the dimensions that exist beyond Earth reality.


Questions that have intrigued humanity for ages find their answers within the pages of "The Other Side." Shaw explores the intricate tapestry of existence, contemplating what happens between lifetimes and the experiences that unfold during near-death experiences. He delves into the purpose of life and death, inviting readers to ponder the nature of fate, karma, and destiny.


Shaw's teachings go beyond mere speculation, empowering readers with the understanding of how to utilize free will to shape their reality. He guides them towards recognizing the power they possess in co-creating their life's journey. Through profound revelations, "The Other Side" unveils the intricate web of existence, offering glimpses into the multi-dimensional nature of reality.


Within these realms, Shaw introduces readers to beings of light in higher dimensions, enlightening them about compassionate and kind spirit guides who accompany souls on their journey. These otherworldly entities serve as sources of wisdom and support, offering guidance and comfort along the path.


"The Other Side" is an invitation to expand one's consciousness, to venture beyond the limitations of Earthly existence, and to embrace the vastness of the spiritual realm. Stephen Shaw's profound insights and awakened teachings offer readers an opportunity to explore the mysteries that lie beyond the veil, igniting a sense of wonder and opening new vistas of understanding.


"A completely amazing book! Beautifully, wisely and seamlessly written. The Other Side takes you on a magical tour of how existence is perceived from progressively more and more expanded awareness levels. It is highly transformational. It is a big accelerator of spiritual growth. If you are into enlightenment, you will adore this book! It is written not from mind, but from Source. This book is Source."


"Quite simply, the most beautiful story you will ever read about the Afterlife. Puts your mind at ease, leaves you with a wonderful peace. Stephen Shaw is a mystical author who demonstrates a deep knowing about the worlds beyond this one. All his books have taken me to profound and magical places and opened my awareness like a newly formed butterfly. I highly recommend this author to spiritual seekers and mystical travellers."


"A beautiful adventure into the Afterlife, weaving a rich tapestry of dimensions and perspectives beyond this Earthly existence. If you ever wondered 'What happens next?' then buy this book and discover the truth."


"The Other Side brings us face to face with life's most enduring questions: Who are we and where do we go when we die? The mysteries and veils seamlessly collapse along the way as the evolution of the Soul comes full circle in this journey of Love, Light and the Universal You. I recommend this book, along with the whole of these series of teachings, to anyone on the path of mastery, from the beginner all the way to the most experienced practitioners and spiritual warriors."


"The Other Side is a deep, multi-layered, meditative mystical book. A gorgeous journey into life after physical death ... life between lifetimes ... the various personal transitions ... travels through the multi-dimensions ... the understanding and shifting of conscious self into Higher Self into Ultimate Self. It is a beautiful book that gently ripples with sacred information and advanced mystical teachings. Absolutely worth reading!!"


"The Other Side is a story that caresses your heart ... a meditative journey through the Afterlife and Beyond. What happens when you leave your physical body? What changes do you experience? What do you discover about the nature of your being? My best advice is: read this book slowly with a mind wide open. It is a fascinating exploration into consciousness and reality."


"I have read all of Stephen's books and I am yet again amazed by another incredibly written and moving book. After reading The Other Side for the second time it moved me to tears, not because it is sad but because I got it. This book brought a feeling of joy to my heart and uplifted me. I have read a lot of books about the afterlife and for me The Other Side has got to be the best on the subject. Stephen has a wondrous gift and the perfect ability to captivate the reader and explain the truths of the afterlife in a way that is immediately understood. When reading you will realise that there is really nothing to fear. Many of your questions will be answered. There is an overwhelming sense of just being, nothing to prove, nothing to seek. Love is all."


"No need to be fearful about death or passing over. This book is a spiritual adventure into the Afterlife. It fills your heart, caresses your soul, awakens your mind. Out of all Stephen's books I enjoyed reading this one best. Just brilliant. I loved it."


"Stephen has written another insightful book full of spiritual teachings that leave you nodding your head with affirmation and pondering thoughts about life after death. A gifted spiritual teacher who is able to capture you from the moment you open the book to the moment you put it down."


"The Other Side is the ultimate mystical meditation. A journey after physical death into the realms of the beyond ... multi-dimensions, ethereal beings, peace, love, light and the Source. I adored this book. It overflows with divine knowledge and sacred wisdom. An absolute must-read for spiritual seekers and masters."

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