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They Walk Among Us - book by Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman, Los Angeles California

They Walk Among Us

THEY WALK AMONG US shares awakened teachings for profound spiritual romantic relationships. Meet the Guardian Angels, Messenger Angels and Keepers of the Light. Absorb their profound teachings about Love. Learn advanced relationship secrets and skills. Discover the beautiful language of Love Whispering. The power of effective communication styles and egoless listening. The magic of acknowledging and expressing your feelings and needs. These sacred teachings are weaved into a supernatural romance story that will make you cry, laugh and dance with joy! Read my books They Walk Among Us, Heart Song and Divine Love together for radical self-love and profound romantic relationships.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


Stephen Shaw's captivating book, "They Walk Among Us", delves into profound topics of spiritual peace, self-transformation, spiritual awakening, radical love, and the multifaceted nature of love itself. Within its pages, the reader is invited to explore the realm of angels and spiritual beings that exist both upon and beyond Earth.


"They Walk Among Us" sheds light on the presence of angels in our lives. From guardian angels who watch over and protect us to messenger angels who deliver divine guidance, these celestial beings play an integral role in our spiritual journeys. The book unveils the intricate network of angelic forces that surround us, guiding us towards spiritual peace and self-transformation.


Moreover, "They Walk Among Us" delves into the concept of love in all its forms. It emphasizes the importance of radical love, which transcends boundaries and embraces the interconnectedness of all beings. Through the exploration of love's boundless expressions, readers are encouraged to foster a deeper connection with themselves, others, and the world around them.


The book also invites readers to contemplate the existence of spiritual dimensions beyond Earth. It expands the reader's perspective to encompass realms that go beyond our physical reality, unveiling the presence of spiritual dimensions inhabited by beings of light and higher consciousness.


"They Walk Among Us" is an invitation to embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and self-discovery. Through its pages, Stephen Shaw provides insights, guidance, and inspiration to those seeking spiritual peace, self-transformation, and radical love. The book serves as a reminder of the divine forces that surround us and the limitless potential for growth and connection that lies within each of us.


Stephen Shaw's remarkable book "They Walk Among Us" is a gateway to spiritual peace, self-transformation, and spiritual awakening. Within its pages, Shaw delves into mysticism, personal growth, and the transformative power of radical love. But this book goes beyond individual growth, as it explores the realm of profound spiritual romantic relationships.


In "They Walk Among Us", Shaw offers awakened teachings that illuminate the path to building deep and meaningful connections with others. He invites readers to discover the beautiful language of Love Whispering: a language that transcends words and allows souls to communicate at a soul-deep level. Through effective communication styles and egoless listening, readers unlock the power of connection and understanding in their relationships.


Shaw's teachings emphasize the magic of acknowledging and expressing feelings and needs. By embracing vulnerability and authenticity, individuals cultivate deeper connections and foster a greater sense of intimacy. Within these teachings, readers absorb advanced relationship knowledge, secrets, and skills that can elevate their romantic partnerships to new heights.


"Sacred relationship teachings" is a cornerstone of Shaw's work, as he delves into the sacredness of the union between two souls. He explores the concept of soulmates, guiding readers to recognize the profound significance of these connections and the growth opportunities they bring. Additionally, Shaw weaves in a captivating supernatural romance story that captivates and inspires readers, further illustrating the transformative power of love.


"They Walk Among Us" is a testament to Stephen Shaw's expertise in guiding individuals toward profound and fulfilling relationships. Through his teachings, readers embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, unlocking the secrets of sacred connections and experiencing the magic of love. This book is an invitation to embrace the transformative power of love in all its forms and to cultivate relationships that transcend the ordinary, awakening the extraordinary within ourselves and our connections with others.


"Heartfelt, deep, mystical, warm, inspiring – and that's just the author! Seriously though, They Walk Among Us is an awesome spiritual adventure involving the entire hierarchy of angels and the pursuit of Love on every level. Gripping, intense, romantic and meditative, it is my favourite book of the year. Highly recommended for those walking the spiritual path."


"They Walk Among Us is an intriguing and delightful adventure into the angelic realms. This book is both mystical and practical, conveying teachings about love in all its forms. The secrets of 'Love Whispering' offer fabulous guidelines for romantic and everyday relationships. I learned a lot about how to have a magical relationship that thrives. Read this story and shift your essence to the next level."


"If you ever wanted to truly understand the role of angels and how they influence and effect our lives, this book will explain it to you in the most beautiful way. Stephen Shaw's writing is always an exquisite blend of heart-moving story, intriguing mysticism and hidden truth. Guiding the seeker along a wonderful journey toward self-understanding and spiritual discovery."


"They Walk Among Us is a mysterious and magical journey into the Heart. A spiritual voyage flowing and turning through transcendent realms. Stephen Shaw is the most interesting mystical writer I have ever encountered. All his books are must-reads for the spiritual seeker."


"How deep is our experience of love? They Walk Among Us illustrates the infinite possibilities of the earthly experience and ways in which we are assisted on our path. It shares with us, through layers of understanding, our potential from within and in Oneness. It weaves us into the depths of ineffable love interpersonally, relationally and spiritually through the lives of Lailah and Michael who embody our Reality at a soul level. This is exemplary reading with exquisite soul-gripping lessons."


"They Walk Among Us is an exquisite multi-dimensional love story. It reflects a pathway of deep and profound Love ... romantic love, angelic love, altruistic love ... Love in all its forms. The characters are wonderfully engaging. The techniques of Love Whispering are a magnificent guide to fulfilling and joyful romantic relationships. This book was the perfect sequel to the author's previous book Heart Song. I LOVE these books!!"


"Set in gorgeous scenery, a stunningly enchanting story of Love that transcends realities. You won't want to put it down. Highly recommended."


"An amazing book. On the surface a light read, a love story, but underneath so much more. As you read you absorb lessons unknowingly until after finishing the book the new knowledge becomes clear, like a light bulb moment. When it hit me I laughed out loud for the sheer joy of it."


"Stephen Shaw has absolutely captivated my heart again with this beautiful story of love at its purest. I have always felt the presence of angels at my side and this book completely opened my heart and mind to the unconditional love they pour on to us on earth. The most beautiful love story I have ever read and felt deep in my heart."


"They Walk Among Us is a gorgeous, heart-warming love story spanning Earthly and other-worldly realities. If you ever wanted to explore the mystery of angels and higher dimensions ... while immersing deeply into LOVE ... this book is it!! There is also a mysterious and intriguing hummingbird who introduces beautiful universal concepts. Once you start reading this wonderful book, you will not be able to put it down. Fabulous teachings for lovers and spiritual seekers!"

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