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The Tribe - book by Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman, Los Angeles California

The Tribe

THE TRIBE is a profound story that unveils the Star Beings and Earth’s mystical future. This book reveals the truth about the impending Golden Age on Earth, the Council of Light, and spiritual, loving leadership. Absorb advanced spiritual teachings about ecstatic Tantra. Discover the mystical chakras and the ecstasy of Kundalini. What is a soul? How many lifetimes does a soul experience? What is the ultimate destination of a soul? Why do we incarnate on Earth? What are soulmates, twin flames and kindred spirits? The Tribe is the third book in the Cosmic Trilogy. Read my book Atlantis with the Cosmic Trilogy comprising 5D, Star Child and The Tribe for life-changing knowledge, spiritual guidance and esoteric secrets.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon


Stephen Shaw's captivating book, "The Tribe", weaves together a tapestry of spiritual peace, self-transformation, spiritual awakening, mysticism, personal growth, and radical love. Within its pages lies a profound story that unveils the hidden truths surrounding Earth's mystical future, shedding light on the path towards the impending Golden Age.


"The Tribe" opens the door to the revelation of the Council of Light, an enlightened collective that serves as a guiding force for humanity. Their wisdom and loving leadership play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of our planet and its spiritual evolution.


As readers immerse themselves in the pages of this extraordinary book, they are invited to absorb advanced spiritual teachings, particularly those pertaining to ecstatic Tantra. This ancient practice offers a pathway to profound connection, love, pleasure, freedom, and bliss. Through the exploration of Tantric principles, individuals are guided to unlock the depths of their innermost desires and experience a profound union with the divine.


"The Tribe" takes readers on a transformative journey, exploring the mystical realms of the chakras and the transformative power of Kundalini energy. Delving into the depths of these energetic centers, individuals are offered insights into their own spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness.


In the quest for deeper understanding, Shaw poses thought-provoking questions about the nature of the soul. Readers are invited to contemplate the number of lifetimes a soul experiences, the ultimate destination of the soul's journey, and the purpose behind incarnating on Earth. The concepts of soulmates, twin flames, and kindred spirits are also explored, providing insights into the profound connections that transcend lifetimes.


"The Tribe" is more than a book, as it is a gateway to profound self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and the pursuit of radical love. Through its pages, readers are encouraged to embrace their own transformation, step into their spiritual power, and actively contribute to the unfolding of the Golden Age on Earth. Stephen Shaw's book serves as a beacon of wisdom, illuminating the path towards a more enlightened and harmonious future.


"50 Shades of spiritual yumminess!! Immerse into delicious Tantra. Ponder the mystery of the chakras and Kundalini. What are soul mates and kindred spirits? What is the dream-cycle of Love? Absolutely adored this beautiful book!! Essential reading on the spiritual Path."


"A beautiful love story ... a Utopic vision of new Earth ... rekindling the connections with the Council of Light ... intensely passionate book exploring the dimensions of sensuality, chakras, Kundalini and cosmic love."

"The Tribe is an enlightening story, guiding human kind to the coming of the Golden Age. Each and every book of Stephen Shaw gradually guides us to shift consciousness and opens the path to awakening. The Tribe goes way beyond spiritual insights and offers proper teachings and tools through its way of educating and widening perspectives, while caressing the deep senses of your whole being. It is a profound experience, earthy and divine, fine and smart, funny and arousing, true and sincere. Science, Spirituality, Love and Light all merge through the beautiful writing of the author. Let yourself be transformed by this Tantric journey, and rediscover your Eden."


"A brilliant story of what our futures together can really be! The author paints with great lucidness the portrait of our true emergence as a human culture, and an interstellar family. Very advanced, very heartfelt, with layers of mystical teachings hidden in the writing. Intriguing and thought-provoking."


"A beautiful story of intense unconditional love and devotion of the divine soul. Wonderful and mystical teachings wrapped together and woven throughout a luscious journey. This book explores the reality of how Earth should be for everyone. A must read for anyone on a spiritual journey."


"As I read the last page I had shivers from the top of my head down to my toes! And of course, a big smile! This beautifully written story of love, new worlds, and tantric sex is so unbelievably awe inspiring and is absolutely pure bliss. The Tribe takes you on an inward journey of imagination beyond your wildest dreams and makes you yearn for more. You are caught up and lost in a world of adventure and pure love. You savor every word and are captured by the raw intensity of the characters. Thank you Stephen."


"The Tribe is a spell-binding vision of unconditional love in a new world on Earth, indeed a new Eden. Stephen Shaw skillfully draws his readers into an innovative perspective with a deeply sensual and spiritual journey in this emotional and thoroughly inspiring story of Adam and Eva and their creation of Eden."


"Stephen Shaw interweaves mystical storytelling with spiritual truths. Each of his books has enriched my life with their accessible teachings. The Tribe continues this tradition. An enlightened love story that explores the possibilities of a new earth, and teaches about trusting intuition, tantra, consciousness, love, and enlightenment. A must-read for those on the spiritual path."


"Wow!! A deep adventure into juiciness, nurturing and unconditional Love. It's like being hugged all over. I love all Stephen's books! This is another delicious story in a profound and enlightening mystical series."


"I loved Star Child!! And this is the wonderful sequel to that mystical book! If you ever wanted to unravel the mystery of soul mates and kindred spirits ... discover the sizzling intimacy of Ecstatic Tantra and Kundalini ... touch the bliss of Christ consciousness ... well, here you go!! As this book says: 'Celebrate a new way of life!' Stephen Shaw's books fill my mind with advanced knowledge and my soul with immense peace and joy!!"

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