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The Fractal Key - book by Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman, Los Angeles California

The Fractal Key

THE FRACTAL KEY is a book about shamanism, spiritual healing and profound self-transformation. It reveals the secrets of advanced shamans, shamanic practices and shamanic journeys. This book discloses many potent indigenous plant medicines and life-transforming psychedelic therapies. The Fractal Key is the premier, unbridled, tell-all book that unveils powerful healing secrets, techniques and tools. These sacred teachings are the outcome of my own exhilarating spiritual journeys! Read my books The Fractal Key, They Walk Among Us, I Am and Divine Love together for profound life-changing knowledge, spiritual guidance and esoteric secrets.


Available in Kindle and Paperback

Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw's book on Amazon
Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman is Best Spirituality Books Of All Time Winner, Los Angeles California
Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman is Best Consciousness Books Of All Time Winner, Los Angeles California


In Stephen Shaw's groundbreaking book, "The Fractal Key", readers embark on a transformative journey that encompasses spiritual peace, self-transformation, spiritual awakening, mysticism, and personal growth. Within its pages, Shaw explores the depths of radical love, shamanism, and spiritual healing, offering profound insights and revealing the secrets of advanced shamans.


"The Fractal Key" serves as a premier, unbridled tell-all book, offering a rare glimpse into the powerful healing secrets, techniques, and tools utilized by experienced shamans. Shaw's expertise shines as he explores shamanic practices and takes readers on transformative shamanic journeys, opening doors to expanded consciousness and deep inner healing.


This extraordinary book delves into the realm of indigenous plant medicines and life-transforming psychedelic therapies. Shaw fearlessly discloses the potency and transformative potential of these modalities, shedding light on their profound impact on spiritual growth and healing.


Within the pages of "The Fractal Key", readers have the opportunity to absorb advanced spiritual and esoteric knowledge, allowing them to deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Shaw guides individuals to shift their lives into fulfillment and bliss, offering practical tools and profound insights that can be applied on their journey of self-transformation.


"The Fractal Key" is an invitation to explore the vast depths of human consciousness and embrace the power of spiritual healing. Shaw's courageous revelations and teachings unlock the door to profound personal growth, guiding readers towards a life of deep fulfillment and bliss. Through the wisdom shared within this remarkable book, individuals can embark on a transformative journey, transcending limitations and experiencing the profound depths of their true selves.


"A heartfelt enthralling spiritual adventure across Mexico, delving deep into the magic and mystery of shamanism. Written in Shaw's entrancing soulful style, immersing your mind and emotions deep into the characters and their profound life-changing experiences. This is a fabulous story that truly reveals the secrets known for thousands of years but hidden in the inner sanctum of mysterious orders and cryptic texts. All is revealed at last. This book is mind-stretching and sits on the frontier of 'new-age' spirituality. I highly recommend you read this book. Mystical knowledge, cosmic healing and spiritual transcendence awaits!"

"A very interesting read. I especially loved the brotherly kinship and how the two main characters were brought together in this tale which weaves so much clarity and information about the shamanic relationships with the teacher plants and the great respect and honoring necessary to journey to awakening in this way. I feel it is a much needed book at this time when so many yearn for these experiences but are not necessarily guided in the right way. As ever it is light and fun and a pleasure to read and absorb while the words unlock pathways within."


"It seems everyone is exploring magical routes to meet higher dimensions. However, there is much confusion and misinformation among spiritual seekers when it comes to shamanism, teacher plants and psychedelic transformation. This book displays a remarkable clarity, sharing deepest knowledge and unravelling sacred techniques. If there is only one book you read about indigenous healing practices, access to the mystical dimensions, teacher plants (at least five profound catalysts are discussed) and spiritual transcendence – this is it. The Fractal Key is an exceptional book, entertaining, spiritual and pragmatic."


"At last, the veils of secrecy are pulled back and we get to peek inside the world of the shamans. No waffle, no gibberish. Ideologies are all swept aside. Just the facts, pure and simple. Even better, the teachings are ensconced in an entertaining story demonstrating the power and efficacy of shamanic healing. The Fractal Key is a leading-edge book, an absolute must-have on your spiritual bookshelf."


"A masterpiece of a story, weaving secrets and hidden sacraments of the mystics into personal exploration and liberation. This wonderful book reveals esoteric teachings and techniques of advanced and higher-level shamans. Lay aside your cherished beliefs and concepts. The Fractal Key exquisitely elucidates the path of love, healing and transcendence."


"This fabulous book is not for the faint-hearted!! Only read if your mind is wide open!! Stephen Shaw’s latest book shares direct research and experience with top-level shamans, including powerful mind-altering journeys. This pioneer has surfed into his own unconscious, into the mystical multi-dimensions, and into the Divine Reality far beyond the everyday world. The Fractal Key is a must-read if you seek the sacred keys to healing and transcendence, if you seek the ancient route to awakening and enlightenment. I learned so much from this brilliant book!!"


"Wow!! Here are the answers I was seeking! The Fractal Key lays out a crystal-clear road map into healing and transcendence. Psychedelic journeys into childhood, past lives, between lives, multi-dimensions, karma, and the Light. Sacred ceremonies, shamanic instructions, teacher plants, guidelines, cautions. I love this handbook for radical spiritual advancement. It occupies the best place on my bookshelf!!"


"The Fractal Key is a wonderful eye-opening book of an adventure through advanced and high-level shamanism. If you are ready to learn something ancient and new, if you are ready to embrace profound healing and sacred shifting of consciousness, then turn to page one and immerse into this enthralling story. The best book on shamanism I have ever read. Loved it!!"


"Amazing book! When I finished, having read it in stages to properly absorb it, I put it down and my first thought was WOW, Wow!!! For those that are ready for this level it opens whole new levels of understanding. Bringing back past lives, remembering and integrating the knowledge presented. For some it will be a light fictional read, for most, especially those that have read the other books it will go much deeper."


"This book is a must read ... especially for those who have read Stephen's preceding books ... The psychedelic experiences guided by shamans as presented in Fractal Key are events that take one through spiritual rebirths. Stephen gives excellent examples of this throughout this book. I loved all the geographical descriptions of Mexico and the comradery of these two men. I especially loved the quote from the book 'The long way of expunging Karma is through multiple incarnations with varied roles and scripts. The short way is through Forgiveness.' Another great book."

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