Stephen's Books

My 12 spiritual self-help books are ideal for people who desire profound self-transformation and spiritual peace. If you seek spiritual awakening, and are ready for a journey of alchemy, mysticism and radical love, then these spiritual teachings are for you. My personal growth books are suitable for the spiritual beginner through to the advanced goddess. Scroll down and click on a book cover to view details. Available in Paperback and Kindle formats.

I Am - book by Stephen Shaw
The Other Side - book by Stephen Shaw
Star Child - book by Stephen Shaw
Atlantis - book by Stephen Shaw
Best Spirituality Books Winner
Heart Song - book by Stephen Shaw
Reflections - book by Stephen Shaw
The Tribe - book by Stephen Shaw
The Sorcerer - book by Stephen Shaw
Amazon Best Seller
They Walk Among Us - book by Stephen Shaw
5D - book by Stephen Shaw
The Fractal Key - book by Stephen Shaw
Divine Love - book by Stephen Shaw
Best Consciousness Books Winner

TOPICS in the 12 spiritual awakening books and self transformation books include: spiritual self care, self love for men and women, spiritual romance, spiritual relationships, soulmates, personal growth, spiritual awakening, divine feminine and goddess spirituality, sacred Tantra, spiritual laws of success and manifestation, chakras and self care, chakra healing, emotional and spiritual healing, spiritual and esoteric knowledge, alchemy and mysticism, star beings, extraterrestrials, spirit guides, angels, afterlife, life after death, life between lives, near death experiences, astral travel, lucid dreaming, shamanism, shaman journeying and the psychedelic experience.