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The Psychic Shaman

Stephen Shaw is The Psychic Shaman. Supernatural Expert, Life Coach, Author of 12 bestselling spiritual self-help books. I am the creator of Psychic Shamanism, a powerful combination of psychic reading, clairvoyance, shamanism, life coaching and energy healing. I also clear homes of negative and dark energy, as well as ghosts and trapped spirits. I live in Los Angeles and offer my services in California and nearby states. As seen on TV, podcasts and digital media.


Psychic Reading: At Your Home psychic reading, energy healing and life guidance session. Creates significant spiritual and emotional shifts. Discover your true self, find your voice, live authentically, manifest blissful intimate relationships, and move into fulfillment and joy. Includes checking and clearing your home of negative and dark energy and trapped spirits.

Shamanic Journey: At Your Home 8-hour shamanic journey. Results in profound insights, deep emotional healing, joyful feelings and abundant love. Shifts you to a higher level of living and being. Significantly transforms your consciousness. Unveils your truest, deepest self. Includes checking and clearing your home of negative and dark energy and trapped spirits.


Click the blue button at bottom right if you have Questions. Choose from the two options below. Click the red button for Payment Page. After payment is successful, you will receive an email receipt with my phone number in Los Angeles. Text me to book your appointment.

Home Psychic Reading: $5,000 (session is 3-4 hours)

Home Shamanic Journey: $10,000 (session is 8 hours)

Payment is made in advance. Click red button to pay.

Client Testimonials

Stephen Shaw the Psychic Shaman on Instagram, Los Angeles California

"Hi Stephen. I wanted to say how deeply grateful I am for you and the powerful shamanic session with you. You delivered more than you promised and exceeded my expectations. I am still digesting the layers and feeling the power from your visit to my home."

"I really appreciate your genuineness and straight-talking. I love your authenticity. You brought no feathers, tarot cards, crystals or other tools. You just sat down and gave me the most profound, accurate psychic reading of my life! You told me things that no one else knows, gave me incredible insights, and helped me transform some very difficult areas of my life. You are a psychic extraordinaire!"

"I have met a few shamans in my life, but you operate at a whole other level. Your ability to read the chakras and energy field and share deep hidden information is astounding. Your ability to wield powerful divine light (as you named it) and heal thoughts, emotions and energy is truly remarkable. I wish I had met you a decade ago. Keep helping the world, brother!"

"Thank you so much for the amazing shamanic healing session. Wow! It was so powerful. It felt like I was in an altered state, like deep in meditation, flooded by energy, permeating and flowing throughout my body. I was tingling from head to toe the entire time. And then I was left feeling so incredibly happy and at peace, loving and joyful. I've had energy healings before, but this was 100 times more powerful than anything I've ever experienced. Stephen, what a wonderful angelic blessing you are to this world."

"I would have never dared dream that such a fundamental healing and shift would be possible for me. After all my childhood trauma and abandonment, the fact that I now feel whole and radiate self-love illustrates the efficacy of Stephen's psychic shamanic work. Where countless psychiatrists, medications, spiritual retreats, healers and teachers have failed, Stephen achieved what I thought impossible and alleviated my torment. My dependence on food, alcohol and shopping has given way to a deep gratitude for the world and a love for myself that leaves me effortlessly balanced. My mental noise has been replaced by silence and heart-centeredness. My connection with my family has flourished and deepened. The joy and peace I feel every moment is incredible. Friends, family, employees, even acquaintances have commented on how much I have evolved! Stephen, thank you for bringing me Home."

"Your awesome psychic skills and shaman energy healed me on levels I never knew existed. You showed me the sweet spot located deep in the core of my soul, then poured the most profound cosmic divine OMG love into it, completely healing and transforming me from the inside out! Mind, heart, chakras and meridians flowing with pure LOVE. It's a new life."

"I finally understand what HEALING means. One month ago I was privileged to experience Stephen Shaw's Shamanic Healing Journey. This is an 8-hour personal healing session (not distant) that took place in my home. It required nothing but relaxing with eyes closed. My experience can only be described as the most phenomenal healing and radical consciousness-shifting of my entire life. I realize now that the last 15 years of meditation, Reiki, CDs, crystals and spiritual seminars were mere stepping-stones. Stephen Shaw showed me the way Home. Pure transformation and transcendence. It took me 7 days to process and integrate the energetic change. My eyes look very different. I am filled with a joy and peace I never knew existed. I have an incredible lightness and freedom. Though I told no one about my journey, everyone is commenting how amazing my energy feels. My relationships have shifted dramatically. I have moved from questions and spiritual ideas to full experiential KNOWING. I discovered the real Me, flowed as pure consciousness, witnessed my previous lives. The Shamanic Healing Journey has left me with wholeness, freedom, certainty, lightness, deep self-love, profound peace and overflowing joy. Gratitude beyond any words."

"You are amazing! Your psychic shamanism skills are out of this world. Literally. You've not only dramatically changed my life (thank you), but I hear your name being whispered in the inner spiritual circles everywhere I go in Los Angeles! Keep bringing the Divine Love!"

"My religion closed my eyes to shamanism and shamanic healing for a long time. However, when I met you I discovered that the power of God and Divine Healing flows through anyone committed and dedicated to the Highest Power. I had no idea that someone could walk between this world and the next world and bring messages from the angels. You honestly dissolved all my fears, set my free from my shackles, and placed me on the most beautiful fulfilling path. I have never felt such joy, peace, love, compassion and freedom in my entire life."

"I had a shamanic healing session today and it was awesome! Very powerful, it felt like a tidal wave was flowing up and down my body and it left me vibrating and buzzing with incredible energy and clarity and serenity."

"I connected with you during a difficult point on my journey and ever since my life has dramatically improved. You cleaned up and charged my aura with something that feels truly special. Stephen, you have the most beautiful energy and an astounding compassion and light. A really big thank you from my heart for sharing your beautiful gifts and light."

"Stephen, I am so grateful our paths crossed. You adeptly healed and aligned my chakras, led me into profound states of awareness, released me into freedom and bliss. You are a true spiritual teacher, magical shaman and Tantrika!"

"Thank you for the shamanic life coaching sessions. They were absolutely brilliant – insightful, knowledgeable, wise. The teachings saved me years of floundering in the dark. Now the light is switched on and I see everything. I feel fabulous. Crystal clarity. Able to move forward into my romantic and intimate dreams!"

"Your understanding of and your ability to communicate with the soul is absolutely second to none – you are one of a kind! The stillness ... calm that I felt after my life coaching session with you was unbelievable. I haven't felt like that in years. Awesome doesn't seem enough to describe my experience with the very beautiful man that is Stephen Shaw."

"I just wanted to let you know that I had the most profound healing of my life today. Way too long to write about here but I know this, your book 'I Am' and your powerful psychic energy helped bring it forth. All I can say is that the veil was lifted for me today."

"Los Angeles has a new best-kept secret. California has acquired a phenomenal treasure by the name of mystic Stephen Shaw. That's all I'm saying."

"Hi Stephen, I met you when you helped me a few months ago. I felt amazing and bright from the minute I walked out the door and I managed to heal myself from the lump in my womb. I'm learning a lot about psychic energy and shamanic healing and true life and I thank you for being a giant step in a sea of confusion for me. I realize now we sometimes need to get down deep to wake up! I hope our paths cross again one day."

"Shamans and shamanism always seemed like a mystery to me. During our sessions, however, you showed me the magic and awesome power of true shamanism. You walked into the higher dimensions and spoke to my deceased parents and my guardian spirits. The messages were healing and uplifting. The waves of love that filled the room were overwhelming and beautiful. I now know for certain that we live on beyond this world. My life has been transformed."

"Stephen emanates peace and serenity, and is both welcoming and professional. The guidance I received has been invaluable and comforting. On my way home, and ever since then, I have felt very calm and reconnected with the Tao on a level at which I had only previously glanced. I no longer feel there is something I am missing, nor that I am swimming upstream! Stephen is an enigmatic master of the nameless Tao."

"You have affected so many people by who you are and what you can make people realize about themselves. I really believe you are here for that purpose. You are a guiding light if ever I saw one."

"At last, I met a true psychic. No gimmicks, no smudging, no crystals, no cards. Just plain talking and deep honesty. You did caution me that you would tell the truth and hold nothing back. When you identified areas of concern (ouch!), you helped me create insightful strategies. The shamanic healing energy was profoundly liberating, solving many issues easily and comfortably. I learned so much from our session. I will definitely book more sessions with you."

"It is not easy to put into words the essence of the shamanic healing that you were able to give me today, because it all happened at such a subtle yet deeply profound level. First of all the realization that I was not alone in this overwhelming spiritual crisis and trauma, and the fact that you were able to see it and explain it in words that were so precise and specific. Just being able to share the grief with somebody that could see into it with such clarity and compassion has lifted the weight enormously. While you were looking into every single chakra, I could see them too and feel the blockages and the work you were doing here. The insights you gave me were the exact reflection of some knowledge I had inside of me and that was amazing too. At the end of the treatment I felt so much lighter, and so much more able to face my grief with purpose and strength. It was as if life force had come back into me, and I am sure it has, because I felt the loving hug of your beings of light all the way through. Thank you for using this precious gift of yours to help people that are a little side-tracked; it takes a very generous spirit to do that."

"All I can say is Wow! I wish everyone could meet a real shaman. Your body stayed in the room but your consciousness travelled to my lost love and brought me comforting words of insight, meaning, clarity and resolution. You wielded a divine loving energy that cascaded through my entire being. The rip in my heart was healed by the end of our shamanic session. Thank you."

"So many powerful yet subtle effects have continued to ripple through my life since our shamanic journey. The clarity, understanding and lightness of spirit, coupled with a renewed sense of self and appreciation of my path and lessons, has completely changed my perception. I now understand and feel free from much that has troubled me since childhood, allowing me to begin to acknowledge, understand, and accept who I am and where I fit into life."

"The most amazing experience of my life! I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude to you and the beings of light for the wonderful shamanic journey. I was out there in the Universe, among the moon, the stars and the sun ... my whole self was so deeply connected. I could feel the beings of light surrounding me with their love – the energy was awesome! I feel so alive! Steve, I am eternally grateful to you. You are an amazingly gifted, pure and beautiful person. I cannot thank you enough for the profound difference you have made in my life."

"Stephen Shaw took six of us on a two-day magic-carpet ride. As we looked down at the Earth Stephen showed us ourselves, until we understood our place in the world and how we could best present that place to others. Stephen Shaw is a gurutastic Zen master and I heartily endorse him."

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks for the life coaching seminar last week. It was completely different to any other training I have undertaken, and about a hundred times more useful too. I walked out feeling really positive and confident, and my change of attitude has surprised a lot of people I think. The shamanic techniques that you taught us really do work! Overall, a fantastic day, and I am looking forward to the next seminar."

"My thoughts on the life coaching seminar yesterday were 'Wow'! Went home from the seminar with great enthusiasm and actually had a good chat with my hubby, and felt very good about myself! The line that has made a huge impact on me is: If it is to Be, it is up to Me."

"I have a 'feel-good factor' since your shamanism class – it has done wonders for me."

"As for the wow points of your shamanism seminar, well simply the whole week."

"A huge thank you for the life coaching seminar yesterday. I must admit it was one of the best shamanism seminars I've ever attended. It was very enjoyable and informative, and I was kept interested throughout the day. Once again, thank you for an excellent training session."

"Thanks for yet another interesting and stimulating life coaching seminar. Over the day you clarified why we are sometimes limited by our assumptions and perceptions, and you provided shamanic tools to allow us to escape these limitations. The seminar, as with many of your shamanism seminars, had the whole group captivated and participation was high. At the end of the seminar, unlike in many other forms of training, I was left enthused and eager to learn more."

"Stephen, thanks again for last week's psychic shamanism training. I have taken a lot out of the week, both professional and personal, truly inspiring!"

"I always look forward to your shamanism seminars as I find your delivery is entertaining, and I find the subject matter you hold is absolutely fascinating ... I know others think that too."

"Great content – so varied and detailed. I will hunt out the recommended books. Great delivery – I have never enjoyed a life coaching seminar so much. You kept us really involved and the seminar was great fun. The seminar was actually over too quickly (you don't hear that too often). I learned so much about so many things, and I definitely came away more confident."

"It was obvious that the entire group enjoyed the psychic shamanism week immensely, and we all gained an invaluable learning experience. Excellent seminar content."

"The structure and pace of the seminar was very well planned and the level of delegate involvement was perfect. Your recommended reading list also inspired me to develop myself further, and the tip on using audio books is a simple but brilliant piece of advice. Finally, we all appreciated your excellent ability as an instructor. From the start you were the leader, yet you seemed to appear, for want of a better term, 'one of us' throughout. Thanks for a great week."

"As a whole, a brilliant psychic shamanism seminar. Well managed and very interesting. The facilitation was excellent. I will certainly try to incorporate the philosophy of 'learning is doing' into any future training I carry out."

"It was a very interesting and well delivered life coaching seminar, combining insightful theory and practical advice which we were able to use within the two days. An excellent seminar for personal and psychic development and also good fun!"

"I must say that it was an enjoyable two days where you held my attention over that period (that takes some doing). The very way the shamanism seminar was structured, your actions, mannerisms and how it was portrayed really kept me there, wanting to know was coming next! I must say that all the notes I took, and the information gleaned, will be put into practice and used in my own psychic development. Many thanks for an enjoyable, well presented seminar."

"I can honestly say that was the first shamanism seminar I have attended that felt real and appropriate, and it was certainly eye-opening. Overall the seminar was great, well managed for time. I am now ready for life of psychic shamanic service."

"Thank you Stephen for a magical trip to Peru! It exceeded all my expectations! The group of people I met will be friends for life. The Peruvian people are so rich in spirit. The truly magical shamans. My life has completely changed for the better! A humbling and profound experience, thanks to you and your passion to create a such a life-changing trip!"

"Stephen Shaw's first book I Am deepened my interest in self-discovery. My greatest wish was that the trip would bring life's magic much closer to me. My surprise was just how much magic I experienced and how much came back with me! The trip was so well planned, so well orchestrated with so many great people, that I really didn’t need to worry about a thing. Travel accommodation, buses and trains were all first class and very comfortable. The main reason I chose to go on the Magic Trip was to gain personal insight. As a life-long seeker, 'teacher plants' such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca really piqued my interest. During the Magic Trip, I experienced one Ayahuasca and three San Pedro journeys. I had read that these journeys could be incredibly powerful. For me, this was certainly the case. The most profound teaching I received from all the journeys was that there is no separation between 'me' and the Light (God). In each of my journeys I had different yet incredible experiences with the Light. I had thought about the Light many times during my life, but these experiences offered me a living, first-hand interaction. Without question, these were the most powerful experiences of my life."

"Clearly nothing can prepare one for the sheer awesomeness of the Magic Trip In Peru. Shifting and transitioning into other worlds and multi-dimensional realities ... the Temple of the Moon, the magical hills, Cuzco ... it's hard to explain the way it effects you. Profound, intense, mind-blowing, life-altering. A journey into one's own soul, into heart connection, into life, into the universe itself. Everything has changed. I have changed. Incredible!"

"Joining Stephen Shaw on his Magic Trip in Peru was clearly one of the best choices I have ever made ... and perhaps the most meaningful choice of my life. All events, from day trips to nearby sites, the magical journey to Machu Picchu and especially the teacher plant gatherings (San Pedro and Ayahuasca), were expertly coordinated and carried out. Our stay at the lovely Andean Wings Hotel was absolutely warm and worry-free. The gracious staff catered to all our accommodation needs. Amenities, such as the in-house oxygen tank and full supply of coca tea for altitude headaches, along with bottled water, were ever available and extremely appreciated. The hotel's prime location found us close to the lively Plaza de Armas where, in free time, I became totally immersed in the Peruvian culture, its unique restaurants and fabulous marketplace. The two-day trip to Machu Picchu via the gorgeous Sacred Valley was breathtaking. Machu Picchu is a land unto itself: sacred and majestic. Our group, again guided by an expert, was awed by this ancient ruin and the history that brought it to us. The experience and the photographs will live with me forever. The most memorable and life-sustaining aspects of my Peru trip were the San Pedro and Ayahuasca journeys. Transcending my earthly essence, I encountered my True Being, my oneness with the Universe and myself as a Love Being. This awareness was not without anguish, as during three of my four journeys I encountered intensely challenging parts of my inner self, as well as several of my past lives. Addressing these pain-bodies was terrifying at times; however, necessary to unravel my ego-self (the fearful past) from my authentic LOVE self. The master shamans of San Pedro and Ayahuasca provide each person a portion of the 'medicine' they deem adequate for that person to evolve at a rate for which they are ready. The spiritual and emotional shifts are deep, profound and transcendent!"

"The I AM Magic Trip in Peru was simply the most incredible experience of my life. From the second we set foot in magical Cuzco, someone should have said "Fasten your seat belt. It’s going to be a wild, wild ride!" Visiting ancient power sites and doing sacred ceremonies was like a roller coaster generating a full range of emotions – butterflies and anticipation, at times hanging on with clenched hands with only one eye open, shrieking with the wild exhilaration of free fall and ultimately feeling, as you pull back into some degree of 'normal', a pride of accomplishment accompanied by a huge smile and strong desire to do it all again. The I AM Magic Trip logistics, scheduled excursions and ceremonies were impeccably organized with attention to every detail. The exquisite Andean Wings hotel with its uniquely decorated rooms, gorgeous common areas and incredibly attentive staff made for a comfortable home away from home. The itinerary of the trip was paced perfectly. No wasted time, but plenty of space for reflection and a little exploration of Cuzco. Notably, Stephen put together a top notch team of only the best and most respected shamans and tour guides. I wasn't interested in just a "tourist" experience and I wasn't disappointed in any way. The first major highlight of the trip for me was, of course, the pre-dawn arrival at the most stunning site I have ever seen, Machu Picchu. Otherworldly is the first word that comes to mind. Breathtaking – in the literal sense of the word – is the next. The second major highlight was experiencing the Q'ero, the shamans and the sacred ceremonies with the teacher plants San Pedro and Ayahuasca. Participating in the sacred ceremonies was intensely personal and extremely bonding, and I learned as much from each travel mate's experience as I did from my own. I am profoundly grateful for the blessing of having shared such a journey with such an amazing group of people. Each of our ceremonial experiences was unique, yet the commonality is that not one of us will ever be the same. I am left with a calmness of spirit, a peace in my heart and a deep, deep love for Peru, the Andes and its peoples. I can sum it up like this: It's like expanding from a faith-based, intellectual understanding of multi-dimensional realities, vastness of Spirit, Universal Love, Oneness and Light to an experiential Knowing. Magic? Miracle is more like it!"

"Stephen Shaw's Magic Peru Trip has changed my life forever. Before Peru I was content and happy, yet I yearned to bridge the gap to something bigger. I was looking for a spiritual 'jump start' and what I received cracked my heart WIDE OPEN! There are no words to describe the depth of emotional healing or the clarity or the peace and joy I now live every day. There was such attention to detail on this trip, from the first class accommodation to the knowledgeable guides to the first rate tours, and this allowed everyone the freedom to become totally immersed in the magic of Peru. As for the San Pedro and Ayahuasca journeys, they were in a safe and nurturing setting under the loving guidance of Stephen, the master shamans and the mystical Q'ero, so I felt truly watched over."

"I am very thankful for Stephen and his brilliant staff for putting together and facilitating this year's Magic Trip. It has been one of the deepest and most heartfelt experiences in my life. My level of development has multiplied since undertaking this trip, and continues to expand as the weeks go by. I've been able to explore depths within myself that were before either a mystery or unattainable to me, while integrating higher dimensions of myself at the same time. I now understand that the human spirit is limitless in capacity and infinite in capability and expression. I've also had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary group of individuals, ranging from the other participants to the facilitators, whom I now consider lifelong friends. We are all children of the Light, and as such I've seen myself transform into a Pillar of that Light that can help illuminate this glorious world that we all share together. I've uncovered more of my hidden talents and abilities, and have created a better and more direct course of action for the future on how to impact this world. Thanks again to Stephen, the master shamans, the mystical Q'ero, the people of Peru, the Temple of the Moon energies, and especially Spirit, the teacher plants, and all of the energetic and light beings for making this trip so special."

"Words cannot describe the powerful teachings I experienced while on the Magic Trip in Peru. I am more in tune with the energies of the Universe - from the smallest insect, to the wind and rain, to new portals that I am now ready to navigate through. We all went through challenging times but moved through them so that we could see more clearly individually and collectively. However, nothing seemed overwhelming because of the energies of our surroundings. Everything seemed to make sense. I keep hearing the words "remember to remember" and all of the magic comes back ... those beautiful hearts dancing in the sky, the whipping of the wind, the hummingbirds and butterflies, the Q'ero. Magical!! I will be forever grateful for the facilitators of this journey: Stephen Shaw, the Q'ero, the plant medicines and all the shamans that seemed to show up wherever we were. Last and not least my Magic Trip comrades who joined me to create a symphony of love and light. Since I have returned home everything looks and feels different. I am already manifesting my new life one synchronicity at a time."

"I had no idea why I had agreed to go to Peru when my wife suggested it to me as I did not have much interest in spiritual pursuits prior to the trip. I was however in a very difficult stage of my life having just left a job I hated and not getting on well with my family at home. I needed to try something hence my agreement to go to Peru. I can honestly say the trip has transformed my outlook on life and has had a tremendous healing effect on my relationship with my wife. The teacher plant journeys are not easy and you go through some remarkable revelations about yourself and your life, but ultimately you can obtain tremendous clarity and purge yourself of all the negativity harbouring in yourself. Stephen uses the very best experts to take you through this journey and I cannot recommend the experience enough for anyone at a crossroads in life or just plain feeling stuck. Thank you so much Stephen for helping me find the courage to move forward."

"My experience of going on the Magic Trip to Peru far outweighed any expectations; in fact it's better to go with none. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a magical journey into the core of who you are and irons out any creases. I highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for something different and needs a life change. It is very well organised and every need is catered for!! You will love the experience, guaranteed."

"My trip to Peru has been transformational for both myself and my husband. I knew I needed healing but I didn't really know what from and the teacher plant journeys showed me what I was carrying. I was able to release my pain and move through to a more joyous place. I now feel our relationship has also been healed and I feel so grateful for the love and support that was shown to us during our stay by Stephen and the lovely people in Peru. It is a very precious memory and one I refer to on a daily basis to help me move forward in a new and more creative way. I would recommend this trip to anyone who has issues or feels stuck and who is brave enough to face themselves in an honest way. Thank you Stephen - I feel truly blessed to have made the trip and to have met you."

"How does one share the depth of an experience that changed the lives of each of us? We were so blessed to have the undivided attention of so many amazing facilitators: you, shaman Lesley, the Q'ero, and the Ayahuasquero shamans. Every aspect of our experience was first class, from the Andean Wings hotel and the Casa, to the mountain house and the malokas, to the Temple of the Moon, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. And when the experiences of the group did not meet your idea of the best of the best, you expended a great deal of energy to shift the sails in order to assure as many as possible would achieve their bliss. My gratitude runs so deep for you and the others who made this experience unforgettable in every way. You took 10 seemingly random 'students' from all over the world, threw them together, shook them up, and created a uniquely bonded family that will reach to each other in deep and meaningful ways for the remainder of our lives. It truly was a magical trip to Peru. Thank you."

"I am feeling better than I've ever felt in my life. Thank you so much for offering the magical trip and world class shamans and support people. It was wonderful meeting the beautiful souls in our group. We all learned how to open our hearts and become one with pure consciousness in our own beautiful way. I am forever changed and forever grateful."

"The Magic Trip in Peru was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Stephen Shaw and his wonderful shamanic acquaintances. I will always hold these memories and experiences close to my heart. I have learned a great deal in such a short time. I recommend this journey to anyone who is thinking about going. Enthralling, heart-warming and life-changing!"

"My magic trip to Peru. How can I ever put that into words? It was an out-of-this-world experience. Stephen you are an angel to put this together and make it happen for the rest of us. I will never forget the love I felt for everyone I met on this journey. I found my soul family and made lifelong friends. The Q'eros with their pure hearts and souls that seemed to pop up out of nowhere all the time to give us hugs and healing and cleanse our auras. The amazing shamans and generous caretakers. The staff at Andean Wings and Casa, and my brothers who were always there to guide the way and make sure we were having the best of times. The teacher plants spirits that held my hand and showed me the way to the Light, helped me understand what I needed to do to heal myself, and clarified how to best help others. The energy in the mountains at the gateway to other dimensions and planets. The unforgettable time I had at Machu Picchu. This trip was beyond my greatest expectations. Thank you all for sharing it with me. With my deepest love and gratitude."

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