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Stephen Shaw is the Author of 12 bestselling spiritual mystical books. Book Authority's "Best Spirituality Books Of All Time" Winner and "Best Consciousness Books Of All Time" Winner. His books have helped millions of people around the world find self-transformation, spiritual peace, and spiritual awakening.

Stephen Shaw is an acclaimed author known for his 12 bestselling spiritual self-help books. With a vast array of devoted readers, his writings have garnered exceptional reviews, touching the lives of countless individuals in profound and transformative ways. Shaw's words have the power to bring about life-changing experiences, guiding seekers towards spiritual peace, self-transformation, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Stephen Shaw's collection of 12 bestselling spiritual mystical books has garnered tremendous acclaim. With fantastic reviews from both critics and readers alike, Shaw's works have touched the lives of countless individuals, transforming their perspectives and guiding them towards a more meaningful existence.

Critics and readers alike have praised Shaw's books for their profound and life-changing impact. Through his spiritual guidance, Shaw imparts a wealth of knowledge that resonates deeply with seekers on their personal journeys. The wisdom found within the pages of his books is soul-fulfilling, offering insights and perspectives that ignite the spark of self-discovery.

Shaw's writings delve into esoteric secrets, unraveling the mysteries of the universe and providing glimpses into the hidden dimensions of existence. His books serve as a compass, helping readers navigate their life's purpose and find meaning in their experiences. Within the pages of his works, readers discover the keys to unlocking joy, peace, and love in their lives.

Shaw's ability to convey life-transforming concepts and insights sets him apart as a true luminary in the realm of spiritual literature. His books are a wellspring of profound knowledge, offering readers a transformative journey of self-exploration and personal growth. With each turn of the page, individuals are met with the empowering wisdom that can forever change their lives.

The impact of Stephen Shaw's bestselling spiritual mystical books extends far beyond mere words on paper. They hold the power to illuminate the path towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Through his works, readers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, tapping into their inner potential and embracing the abundant joy, peace, and love that awaits them.

Through his profound insights and wisdom, Shaw invites readers on a journey of spiritual awakening. His books delve into the realms of mysticism, exploring the hidden dimensions of existence and unveiling the secrets of the universe. Shaw's writings serve as a catalyst for personal growth, nurturing the seeds of self-discovery and inner illumination within each reader's heart and mind.

Central to Shaw's teachings is the concept of radical love. He emphasizes the importance of cultivating a deep and unconditional love for oneself and others, transcending the limitations of ego and embracing the interconnectedness of all beings. Shaw's books inspire individuals to embody this radical love, fostering harmonious relationships, and spreading compassion throughout the world.

Within the pages of Stephen Shaw's 12 bestselling spiritual mystical books, readers embark on a profound and enlightening journey. They discover the transformative power of spiritual peace, the possibilities of self-transformation, and the vast potential within each individual for spiritual awakening. Shaw's exploration of mysticism unlocks the doors to hidden realms of knowledge and understanding, while his teachings on personal growth empower readers to embrace their true potential.

At the heart of it all, Stephen Shaw's writings resonate with the transformative force of radical love. Through his books, he weaves a tapestry of wisdom and inspiration, inviting readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. It is within these pages that the seeds of personal transformation are sown, nourished by the timeless teachings of a masterful guide on the path to awakening.

Stephen Shaw's remarkable literary repertoire comprises 12 bestselling spiritual self-help books, each delving into a unique facet of personal and spiritual growth. These works cover a diverse range of captivating topics, providing readers with profound insights and practical guidance to navigate their spiritual journeys.

Among the themes explored in Stephen Shaw's books is the vital importance of spiritual self-care. He illuminates the path to nurturing one's spiritual well-being, offering tools and techniques for maintaining balance and inner harmony. Additionally, Shaw's writings embrace the concept of self-love, emphasizing its significance for both men and women on their transformative journeys.

Shaw's exploration of spiritual romance and relationships captivates readers with its profound wisdom. His books delve into the intricacies of soulmates and offer guidance on cultivating healthy and fulfilling spiritual connections. Furthermore, he delves into the divine feminine, unveiling the transformative power of goddess spirituality and the sacred essence of femininity.

Within the pages of Shaw's works, readers encounter the ancient practice of Tantra, unlocking its spiritual depths and harnessing its potential for personal growth and enlightenment. The exploration of Kundalini energy further expands on the transformative potential of spiritual awakening, inviting readers to embrace their inner power and tap into the limitless reservoirs of consciousness.

Stephen Shaw's books also shed light on the spiritual laws of success and manifestation, revealing the principles that govern the co-creation of one's reality. He explores the intricate network of chakras and self-care, guiding readers towards a balanced and harmonious existence. Moreover, his writings delve into the realms of emotional and spiritual healing, offering transformative insights and techniques for overcoming past traumas and embracing wholeness.

Venturing into the esoteric, Shaw's works touch upon the realms of extraterrestrials and star beings, opening readers' minds to the possibility of cosmic connections and expanded consciousness. He sheds light on the roles of spirit guides and angels, unveiling their presence and support in the spiritual journey. Furthermore, Shaw's writings provide glimpses into the mysteries of the afterlife, exploring life after death and the profound experiences that await in the realms beyond.

Intriguingly, Stephen Shaw's books also venture into the realm of shamanism, offering insights into shamanic journeys and the transformative power of this ancient practice. Through his words, readers are transported to worlds beyond the ordinary, tapping into the wisdom of ancestral spirits and connecting with the profound energy of nature.

In his literary offerings, Shaw explores the significance of spiritual self-care, providing invaluable guidance on nurturing one's inner being and fostering a deep connection with the divine. His teachings on self-love extend to both men and women, encouraging individuals to embrace their inherent worthiness and cultivate a compassionate relationship with themselves.

Shaw's books on spiritual romance and relationships offer a fresh perspective on the interplay between love and spirituality. With profound insights into soulmates, he illuminates the mystical bonds that transcend earthly limitations, emphasizing the transformative power of authentic connections. Through his writings, readers embark on a journey of personal growth, unraveling the layers of their being and expanding their consciousness.

The theme of spiritual awakening resonates strongly in Shaw's works, as he guides readers on the path to self-realization and expanded awareness. His exploration of the divine feminine and goddess spirituality celebrates the inherent power and wisdom of women, while also embracing the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies.

Intriguing subjects such as sacred Tantra and Kundalini take readers on a journey of spiritual exploration, uncovering the profound mysteries of energy and divine connection. Shaw's writings also explore the spiritual laws of success and manifestation, empowering individuals to harness their innate creative abilities and manifest their dreams into reality.

Delving into the realms of chakras and self-care, Shaw imparts wisdom on the vital energy centers within the body, teaching readers how to balance and harmonize these energetic forces. His writings on emotional and spiritual healing provide invaluable tools for individuals seeking solace, guiding them on a path towards wholeness and well-being.

Shaw's repertoire extends beyond the conventional, delving into esoteric knowledge and the enigmatic realms of extraterrestrials, star beings, and spirit guides. He invites readers to contemplate the mysteries of the afterlife, life after death, and the interludes between lives. With a deep appreciation for shamanism, Shaw explores shamanic journeys, providing readers with insights into ancient practices and the realms of spirit.

Stephen Shaw's 12 bestselling spiritual mystical books weave together a rich tapestry of wisdom and knowledge. Within these pages, seekers find inspiration, guidance, and transformative experiences. Shaw's books illuminate the path towards self-discovery, personal growth, and the profound mysteries of the spiritual realm.

In Stephen Shaw's spiritual mystical books, readers embark on an extraordinary expedition through the vast tapestry of spiritual knowledge. With each turn of the page, they delve deeper into the mysteries of existence, expanding their consciousness, and awakening their inner potential. Shaw's remarkable works serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path to self-discovery, spiritual growth, and profound transformation.


"A spiritual book steeped with mysticism, 'I Am' will delight your mind, awakening it to the inspirational and enlightened teachings of masters around the world. Sit back, relax, and take the journey with Stephen and Jay as each page bursts with lessons unlocking the mysteries to many questions on love, peace, and happiness. I guarantee that by the time you have finished reading this book, your life will never be the same."


"This book is the gateway to the highest spiritual dimensions, to a whole new way of being, to a life filled with glorious peace and joy. I have had the privilege of reading the entire mystical series by Stephen Shaw. If you are ready to walk this profound spiritual Path, if you heart is open and dares to embrace the Truth, if you have the courage to gaze into the Mystery, then end your seeking and start reading!"


"I Am by Stephen Shaw is the single most powerful book I have read on the topic of spirituality. It is not just a book with mere words, it is a soul moving experience and means to an intense soul awakening. If you have any emptiness in your heart; that emptiness will be soon be filled to bursting with the most powerful reminder of your true self that you have ever experienced, leaving you embraced in a peace that you have never realized was possible."


"I Am alters the parameters of what we have always assumed to be reality. This extraordinary book shows that nothing is as it seems in our world. If this was merely a travel journal to power locations around our globe, the story would be interesting and attention holding. When coupled with the spiritual quest that Stephen undertakes, it becomes a fascinating, riveting, spiritually uplifting adventure that will lead you on your own journey to uncover what is now and what is real. A brilliant must-read for all spiritual seekers."


"A wonderful, powerful journey into the realm of the conscious mind, and how it can be a tool for growth and a springboard for spiritual awakening. Too often, our thoughts form an intense grip on our lives and in 'I Am' I was shown how to perceive my feelings and emotions – not as me, but as part of me to be observed. I learned a lot of truths about who I really am, despite whatever labels or constructs have been dictated to me by others and myself. For anyone asking themselves the deeper question of who they really are, this is the book to read!"


"Stephen's retelling of his journey to enlightenment has changed the way I view spirituality. Although I have read plenty of other books with a similar message, none of them have hit me quite as profoundly as I AM. This book takes the enigmatic concept of Oneness and spells it out plain as day, all the while providing suggestions of how to stay with that oneness from day to day, and how to enjoy bliss immediately. Since I finished reading I AM, I can honestly say I am a different person."


"When I first started reading I AM, I burst into tears as I recognized the questions I have been asking and seeking. From the very first page, it felt like my heart was wide open and the tears have flowed from that moment. Your book reached right into my soul and took me to the place I have been seeking my whole life. When I finished your book, I burst into tears again with the relief and excitement at realising something I have known my whole life but could not quite articulate. I felt your transmission of energy from the very first page and can now be who I came here to be. Stephen, I hope you truly understand the impact of your book. I am honored and grateful. Namaste!"


"I have read this glorious book several times now and I still find it truly magickal and uplifting. I have read many books, but none have touched me as deeply as this one. I have found this book to be one that reaches deep into my soul-self."


"I Am in love with 'I Am'. Having a bookshelf - better make that plural - of tomes about 'waking up', there are only a few that did more for me than muddy the already-murky waters. And of those few, 'I Am', within a few short pages, became the clock without a snooze-button, the unignorable wake-up call, a jolt of spiritual caffeine. A message unsurpassed in clarity. I rate this book five out of five stars."

"Never, ever have I read a book so thought provoking and impossible to put down. This is without a doubt the most profound book I've ever read about consciousness and awakening. A MUST read."

"Stephen Shaw's book Heart Song has really touched me. Intertwining profound spiritual teachings with sweet romantic moments, this book invites us to move deeper into our hearts and look for our innermost essence, then bring our essence into the light and express it freely. After reading this book I was provoked to ponder and quietly reflect about life, manifestation of my dreams and living through the way of the heart. I recommend this book wholeheartedly to all who are on the path of self-discovery or just want to drift away in an enchanting and intriguing story."


"Heart Song is a fabulous guide to creating the life you desire. Both spiritual and pragmatic, it leads you step by step along a crystal clear pathway to manifesting your dream life."


"Heart Song is such an inspirational, motivational and spiritual awakening book. This book really assisted me in digging deep within myself and asking some real questions about my life and what I am passionate about creating. After reading Heart Song I created some very important decisions in my life. Heart Song allowed me to recognize the truth about who I am and what my heart desires. I love Heart Song and it is an easy read with a powerful message!"


"Heart Song is amazing, mesmerising and magical. It flows with spiritual truth, and contains a depth that goes far beyond the surface story. Not only do I appreciate the wonderful life teachings, but I savour the messages and deeper illuminations concealed in your books. You are a true mystical writer, offering those who are ready the opportunity to ascend to the next level."


"Heart Song arrived at just the right time in my life, when I was questioning 'Who am I? What is my life purpose?' This book is so inspirational ... I could not put it down. It's so beautifully written, very thought-provoking and reflective. I was sad to come to the end, but the end was the best bit ... or in my case only the start of the journey of manifesting my dreams. I thoroughly enjoyed it and truly believe I was meant to read Heart Song."


"I recently read Stephen Shaw's book Heart Song, after reading his BEAUTIFUL first book I Am. Stephen is one of those rare people who wants to make the world a better place. His mission in life is to 'Inspire, Educate and Donate', and inspire he does with this lovely story about transformation and reality creation. The soulful writing and gorgeous scenery easily transport you into your own journey of manifestation. I would urge everyone interested in sprirituality and creating a better world to read not just Heart Song but I Am too."


"Your books are far and away my favourite inspirational reading. Having met you, I know you are the real deal. A spiritual teacher who possesses nothing and gives everything away ... supporting a multitude of charitable causes. Admirable, unusual and impressive. I am certain that Heart Song will become a worldwide bestseller like your first book I Am."


"Heart Song is THE book for creating and manifesting dreams. Part pragmatic-life coaching, part spiritual teaching, with sacred mystical gems scattered throughout the text. This book contains the secrets and keys for reality creation! Highly recommended!"


"Another deeply layered book by an amazing author! Heart Song can be read at face value: a beautiful story about creating your reality and manifesting your dreams. However, Heart Song weaves mystical elements into the story - the phrase 'those with eyes will see' comes to mind. Everyone I know says they are drawn to read Stephen Shaw's books over and over, as each new reading reveals another layer, allowing the reader to peer deeper into the Mysteries!"


"The spiritual adventure continues!! Heart Song is the next book in Shaw's mystical series. While the first book I Am has you reaching for the stars, Heart Song plants your feet firmly on the ground. It's about making your life work here on planet Earth, finding your dreams and manifesting a beautiful life. Absolutely worth reading!"

"Exquisite, profound message. Exactly what I needed to hear. The final and most perfect piece of my spiritual puzzle. My path is complete after reading your beautiful and brilliant mystical book. A divine author, you are! Thank you."


"I wish everyone would read Divine Love. It contains the distilled spiritual wisdom of the ages. It is such a complete Life Guide that it surpasses and supersedes all the spiritual and metaphysical books I have ever read. The divisions in the book - Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit - truly cover all the angles to create a life of deepest fulfillment, joy and peace. Namaste."


"Wow, so different to your spiritual novels. Yet, so awesome, so heartfelt, so poetic, so pure. Divine Love (hardcover) lays on my bedside table for sweet-dreams stardust, and the paperback rests in my bag for daily sustenance and inspiration."


"I have waited for this book my entire life. It is the best guide I have ever read on life, love and sacred relationships. This is Tantra condensed into a spiritual and pragmatic book. After reading it several times, I now open Divine Love to a chapter and sit and meditate on it. I love, love, love your book!"


"Everything I was seeking is right here in DIVINE LOVE. It all suddenly made sense. It all came together. DIVINE LOVE has all the keys and secrets I needed. I now intend to retire into pure bliss, resounding peace, deep fulfilment and overflowing joy."


"I love this book. 'Divine' and 'Love' weaved into a title ... I knew it was going to be excellent. I adore the concept of Divine Lovers introduced in your book. The entire work is absolutely superb and sacred and stellar and sensational."


"Was that a work of art? A book of poetry? A shimmering guide for soul expression and spiritual love? Whatever it is, it grabbed me by the heart and transported me across space and time, finally immersing me in a river of red-hot, smoldering Love. Juicy, yummy, deep, ooommmmggg LOVE! Message received, understood, absorbed, integrated and activated in my life Here Now!"


"Divine Love. The perfect culmination in an incredible, interlinked, multi-dimensional, mystical universe. Each book providing different catalysts and entry points into personal growth and cosmic transcendence. Many paths, one mountain; and your books cover them all. I have followed Stephen Shaw's writings from the beginning. Absolutely brilliant and life-transforming."


"I realized a while ago that you write from an enlightened, higher-dimensional perspective. That's why I always read your books in a slow, serene, meditative way. This allows the spiritual energy to drift into my soul, while my mind gently absorbs all the wonderful mystical teachings. It results in tranquil, smooth soul-evolution."


"I loved all your spiritual novels. Intriguing stories that taught me so much. REFLECTIONS was a fabulous handbook (not a novel). And now this! DIVINE LOVE is also not a novel, but a truly awesome guide to divine loving and living. So many personal questions that have bothered me about love, life and relationships ANSWERED. May I express my deepest, heartfelt gratitude for your book."

"Heartfelt, deep, mystical, warm, inspiring – and that's just the author! Seriously though, They Walk Among Us is an awesome spiritual adventure involving the entire hierarchy of angels and the pursuit of Love on every level. Gripping, intense, romantic and meditative, it is my favourite book of the year. Highly recommended for those walking the spiritual path."


"They Walk Among Us is an intriguing and delightful adventure into the angelic realms. This book is both mystical and practical, conveying teachings about love in all its forms. The secrets of 'Love Whispering' offer fabulous guidelines for romantic and everyday relationships. I learned a lot about how to have a magical relationship that thrives. Read this story and shift your essence to the next level."


"If you ever wanted to truly understand the role of angels and how they influence and effect our lives, this book will explain it to you in the most beautiful way. Stephen Shaw's writing is always an exquisite blend of heart-moving story, intriguing mysticism and hidden truth. Guiding the seeker along a wonderful journey toward self-understanding and spiritual discovery."


"They Walk Among Us is a mysterious and magical journey into the Heart. A spiritual voyage flowing and turning through transcendent realms. Stephen Shaw is the most interesting mystical writer I have ever encountered. All his books are must-reads for the spiritual seeker."


"How deep is our experience of love? They Walk Among Us illustrates the infinite possibilities of the earthly experience and ways in which we are assisted on our path. It shares with us, through layers of understanding, our potential from within and in Oneness. It weaves us into the depths of ineffable love interpersonally, relationally and spiritually through the lives of Lailah and Michael who embody our Reality at a soul level. This is exemplary reading with exquisite soul-gripping lessons."


"They Walk Among Us is an exquisite multi-dimensional love story. It reflects a pathway of deep and profound Love ... romantic love, angelic love, altruistic love ... Love in all its forms. The characters are wonderfully engaging. The techniques of Love Whispering are a magnificent guide to fulfilling and joyful romantic relationships. This book was the perfect sequel to the author's previous book Heart Song. I LOVE these books!!"


"Set in gorgeous scenery, a stunningly enchanting story of Love that transcends realities. You won't want to put it down. Highly recommended."


"An amazing book. On the surface a light read, a love story, but underneath so much more. As you read you absorb lessons unknowingly until after finishing the book the new knowledge becomes clear, like a light bulb moment. When it hit me I laughed out loud for the sheer joy of it."


"Stephen Shaw has absolutely captivated my heart again with this beautiful story of love at its purest. I have always felt the presence of angels at my side and this book completely opened my heart and mind to the unconditional love they pour on to us on earth. The most beautiful love story I have ever read and felt deep in my heart."


"They Walk Among Us is a gorgeous, heart-warming love story spanning Earthly and other-worldly realities. If you ever wanted to explore the mystery of angels and higher dimensions ... while immersing deeply into LOVE ... this book is it!! There is also a mysterious and intriguing hummingbird who introduces beautiful universal concepts. Once you start reading this wonderful book, you will not be able to put it down. Fabulous teachings for lovers and spiritual seekers!"

"A completely amazing book! Beautifully, wisely and seamlessly written. The Other Side takes you on a magical tour of how existence is perceived from progressively more and more expanded awareness levels. It is highly transformational. It is a big accelerator of spiritual growth. If you are into enlightenment, you will adore this book! It is written not from mind, but from Source. This book is Source."


"Quite simply, the most beautiful story you will ever read about the Afterlife. Puts your mind at ease, leaves you with a wonderful peace. Stephen Shaw is a mystical author who demonstrates a deep knowing about the worlds beyond this one. All his books have taken me to profound and magical places and opened my awareness like a newly formed butterfly. I highly recommend this author to spiritual seekers and mystical travellers."


"A beautiful adventure into the Afterlife, weaving a rich tapestry of dimensions and perspectives beyond this Earthly existence. If you ever wondered 'What happens next?' then buy this book and discover the truth."


"The Other Side brings us face to face with life's most enduring questions: Who are we and where do we go when we die? The mysteries and veils seamlessly collapse along the way as the evolution of the Soul comes full circle in this journey of Love, Light and the Universal You. I recommend this book, along with the whole of these series of teachings, to anyone on the path of mastery, from the beginner all the way to the most experienced practitioners and spiritual warriors."


"The Other Side is a deep, multi-layered, meditative mystical book. A gorgeous journey into life after physical death ... life between lifetimes ... the various personal transitions ... travels through the multi-dimensions ... the understanding and shifting of conscious self into Higher Self into Ultimate Self. It is a beautiful book that gently ripples with sacred information and advanced mystical teachings. Absolutely worth reading!!"


"The Other Side is a story that caresses your heart ... a meditative journey through the Afterlife and Beyond. What happens when you leave your physical body? What changes do you experience? What do you discover about the nature of your being? My best advice is: read this book slowly with a mind wide open. It is a fascinating exploration into consciousness and reality."


"I have read all of Stephen's books and I am yet again amazed by another incredibly written and moving book. After reading The Other Side for the second time it moved me to tears, not because it is sad but because I got it. This book brought a feeling of joy to my heart and uplifted me. I have read a lot of books about the afterlife and for me The Other Side has got to be the best on the subject. Stephen has a wondrous gift and the perfect ability to captivate the reader and explain the truths of the afterlife in a way that is immediately understood. When reading you will realise that there is really nothing to fear. Many of your questions will be answered. There is an overwhelming sense of just being, nothing to prove, nothing to seek. Love is all."


"No need to be fearful about death or passing over. This book is a spiritual adventure into the Afterlife. It fills your heart, caresses your soul, awakens your mind. Out of all Stephen's books I enjoyed reading this one best. Just brilliant. I loved it."


"Stephen has written another insightful book full of spiritual teachings that leave you nodding your head with affirmation and pondering thoughts about life after death. A gifted spiritual teacher who is able to capture you from the moment you open the book to the moment you put it down."


"The Other Side is the ultimate mystical meditation. A journey after physical death into the realms of the beyond ... multi-dimensions, ethereal beings, peace, love, light and the Source. I adored this book. It overflows with divine knowledge and sacred wisdom. An absolute must-read for spiritual seekers and masters."

"This is the most amazing book I have ever read. It is not your usual book, but a source of spiritual knowledge and guidance. Stephen has used each page of this book to hold just one spiritually enlightened quote. I use this book in giving me guidance on a daily basis. Ask the question you need help with in your mind, and then open the book to find the quote you need on that day. So simple, yet so empowering."


"Reflections is a truly wonderful book ... a portable reminder of the spiritual teachings of Stephen Shaw ... Each page carries a mystical or enlightened phrase ... You open the book anywhere and ponder your mystical phrase ... Perfect with morning coffee or just before going to sleep ... And you finally get to meet Jay, Stephen's mysterious teacher. Reflections is ideal to read after completing I Am, Heart Song, They Walk Among Us and The Other Side. It's an awesome, serene, inspirational book!!"


"Reflections is quite simply the icing on the cake ... It is far more than a Handbook For The Soul. It contains a profound sprinkling of magic. The book seems to radiate a divine energy. Hold it in your hands and gaze at the cover. Then turn to the introduction and read about the artwork! Your soul will smile."


"I love, love, love Reflections! This book contains all the teachings from the previous books, encapsulating all their wisdom in one place! The book has an energy about it that makes you want to carry it with you wherever you go. I have been meditating with it daily. I open to any page and then sit with it. It has rocked my world."


"Reflections offers more than fabulous daily inspiration! It reflects the deep teachings of a wonderful spiritual teacher. Each page resonates with a magical mystical energy. This collection of profound and pragmatic wisdoms will set your heart and mind on the right path. It will encourage you to begin each day with a song in your soul, and let you slip into the sweetest dreams each night. Absolutely beautiful book!"


"Each day that I open the book, a new message awaits that has meaning to me in that moment. It's an amazing book filled with powerful messages that speak to your soul and evoke deep thought. This book is a combination of healing, inspirational and meditative messages that help you raise your level of consciousness. A truly magnificent book that I personally believe are messages from those who watch over us."


"Reflections should be called Handbook for Awakening or Reminders For The Advanced Soul. It is a profound and enlightening book. If you are a Seeker and dedicated to penetrating the veils of the Mystery, then this book is for you. It is absolutely essential that you read Stephen Shaw's books in sequence, starting with I Am, then journeying through Heart Song, They Walk Among Us, Star Child, and finally resting with Reflections."


"This is exactly what I was waiting for! A book of daily inspiration. One succinct meditative phrase or sentence per page. The best part? Each phrase comes directly from Shaw's first four books. A perfect handy reminder!!"


"When I first read I AM I wished I had all the teachings in a notebook so that I could carry them around with me. Then after reading Heart Song, Star Child and They Walk Among Us that wish was only intensified! Well thankfully wishes do come true because Stephen has now put all of the profound and captivating teachings in his latest book, Reflections. This book is an absolute gem and a must for anyone whose life has been touched and moved by Stephen's other books. The words I need in any moment are always there for me whatever page I turn to and it never fails to provide food for thought."


"Reflections is a collection of spiritual and meditational work. It is the perfect companion for daily inspiration. I guarantee that regardless of what it is that urges you to open that book, whichever page you turn to will be what you needed to hear."

"A heartfelt enthralling spiritual adventure across Mexico, delving deep into the magic and mystery of shamanism. Written in Shaw's entrancing soulful style, immersing your mind and emotions deep into the characters and their profound life-changing experiences. This is a fabulous story that truly reveals the secrets known for thousands of years but hidden in the inner sanctum of mysterious orders and cryptic texts. All is revealed at last. This book is mind-stretching and sits on the frontier of 'new-age' spirituality. I highly recommend you read this book. Mystical knowledge, cosmic healing and spiritual transcendence awaits!"


"A very interesting read. I especially loved the brotherly kinship and how the two main characters were brought together in this tale which weaves so much clarity and information about the shamanic relationships with the teacher plants and the great respect and honoring necessary to journey to awakening in this way. I feel it is a much needed book at this time when so many yearn for these experiences but are not necessarily guided in the right way. As ever it is light and fun and a pleasure to read and absorb while the words unlock pathways within."


"It seems everyone is exploring magical routes to meet higher dimensions. However, there is much confusion and misinformation among spiritual seekers when it comes to shamanism, teacher plants and psychedelic transformation. This book displays a remarkable clarity, sharing deepest knowledge and unravelling sacred techniques. If there is only one book you read about indigenous healing practices, access to the mystical dimensions, teacher plants (at least five profound catalysts are discussed) and spiritual transcendence – this is it. The Fractal Key is an exceptional book, entertaining, spiritual and pragmatic."


"At last, the veils of secrecy are pulled back and we get to peek inside the world of the shamans. No waffle, no gibberish. Ideologies are all swept aside. Just the facts, pure and simple. Even better, the teachings are ensconced in an entertaining story demonstrating the power and efficacy of shamanic healing. The Fractal Key is a leading-edge book, an absolute must-have on your spiritual bookshelf."


"A masterpiece of a story, weaving secrets and hidden sacraments of the mystics into personal exploration and liberation. This wonderful book reveals esoteric teachings and techniques of advanced and higher-level shamans. Lay aside your cherished beliefs and concepts. The Fractal Key exquisitely elucidates the path of love, healing and transcendence."


"This fabulous book is not for the faint-hearted!! Only read if your mind is wide open!! Stephen Shaw’s latest book shares direct research and experience with top-level shamans, including powerful mind-altering journeys. This pioneer has surfed into his own unconscious, into the mystical multi-dimensions, and into the Divine Reality far beyond the everyday world. The Fractal Key is a must-read if you seek the sacred keys to healing and transcendence, if you seek the ancient route to awakening and enlightenment. I learned so much from this brilliant book!!"


"Wow!! Here are the answers I was seeking! The Fractal Key lays out a crystal-clear road map into healing and transcendence. Psychedelic journeys into childhood, past lives, between lives, multi-dimensions, karma, and the Light. Sacred ceremonies, shamanic instructions, teacher plants, guidelines, cautions. I love this handbook for radical spiritual advancement. It occupies the best place on my bookshelf!!"


"The Fractal Key is a wonderful eye-opening book of an adventure through advanced and high-level shamanism. If you are ready to learn something ancient and new, if you are ready to embrace profound healing and sacred shifting of consciousness, then turn to page one and immerse into this enthralling story. The best book on shamanism I have ever read. Loved it!!"


"Amazing book! When I finished, having read it in stages to properly absorb it, I put it down and my first thought was WOW, Wow!!! For those that are ready for this level it opens whole new levels of understanding. Bringing back past lives, remembering and integrating the knowledge presented. For some it will be a light fictional read, for most, especially those that have read the other books it will go much deeper."


"This book is a must read ... especially for those who have read Stephen's preceding books ... The psychedelic experiences guided by shamans as presented in Fractal Key are events that take one through spiritual rebirths. Stephen gives excellent examples of this throughout this book. I loved all the geographical descriptions of Mexico and the comradery of these two men. I especially loved the quote from the book 'The long way of expunging Karma is through multiple incarnations with varied roles and scripts. The short way is through Forgiveness.' Another great book."

"Still my favourite spiritual author. You are a mystical and magnificent blend of modern-day Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda, James Redfield and Don Miguel Ruiz. As far as I am concerned, no other spiritual author is on your level. The Sorcerer is another brilliant story."


"The Sorcerer is serene, beautiful, awesome. It continues the gorgeous style and flavour of Stephen Shaw's writings. If you liked his other books, you will love this one! A fabulous must-read."


"I love the Tantra!! It expands the teachings from Star Child and The Tribe. It is such a JUICY way to live. I love the conversations about Intimacy, the aspects of Love, and the dimensions of a Tantric relationship. So insightful, brilliant and illuminating! The Sorcerer is a superb book!"


"It's the hidden gems and mystical references that I love in Stephen's books. There is a good reason why he states in the foreword 'My books are designed to be read at a slower, meditative pace'. If you rush through his books, you miss half the fun. The Sorcerer is in prime position on my bookshelf."


"Thank you, Stephen Shaw, for another spiritual and pragmatic book! You always seem to balance the mystical and mundane; helping your readers keep their feet firmly on the ground while reaching for the stars. The Sorcerer contains so many useful techniques and practices. And it's a wonderful story!!"


"Wow, that was a journey ... the deepest meditations ... surrendering into Love ... immersing into tantalising Tantra! As always, I learned so much. I feel excited to try everything you shared. I love how you weave useful teachings into a radical mystical story. Everyone should read this book. I loved it!"


"The Sorcerer is a highly recommended mystical read. It is part of a series of profound spiritual teachings, leading to a deeper understanding of life, the universe and everything. When you read the book, it is imperative that you take your time and savour each page. Well worth it!"


"The Sorcerer is another excellent book from an enthralling esoteric author. If you don't yet know Stephen Shaw's work, for goodness' sake buy a few of his books and get reading. You will wonder why you waited so long!"


"Your books have taught me so much. Every story seems designed to move my life to the next level. I am deeply grateful for the countless lessons. So many layers have been peeled back and immersed in pure Love. Every part of my life has become more fulfilled. For me, The Sorcerer was the tipping point, the final caress to move me into deep peace, bliss and spiritual awakening."


"I read The Sorcerer on the beach ... the gentle sound of ocean waves ... the warm sun on my skin ... slowly, slowly ... over a few days. Then I read it again ... and once more. It's just perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!"

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