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Stephen Shaw - Globally Renowned Mystic, Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, Tantra Master, and Author of 12 bestselling Spiritual Books

I am a Globally Renowned Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Tantra Master, Shaman, and Author of 12 bestselling spiritual self-help books. I teach secrets and keys to help people transform their lives into deep fulfillment, profound self-love and joy. I am the creator of The Intimacy Blueprint: "How To Create the Romantic and Intimate Relationship of Your Dreams". I work with A-listers and celebrity clients, mostly in my home county Los Angeles and worldwide via Zoom. As seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, blogs and magazines.


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Stephen Shaw is an incredible therapist, counsellor and shaman. He is amazingly clairvoyant, able to read chakras and energy fields. His profound books and inspirational teachings have transformed the lives of people across the world. He is the greatest spiritual teacher I have ever met. Namaste.