Star Child - Divine Tantra and Magical Shamanism

Book 2 in the trilogy: 5D - Star Child - The Tribe.

You finished reading 5D.

You surfed through universes, galaxies and space-time.

You unlocked the secrets to Earth's historical enigmas,

And those intriguing cosmic mysteries.

What happens next?

Excitement, passion, and a battle in the heavens ...

And the disclosure of profound, mystical teachings.

Star Child excerpt: 'The gods of light, the precursors of the great religions, the great spiritual teachers – they all taught the same things: loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, equality, respect, responsibility, gratitude and service.' Star Child reveals the magical shamans in Africa and Peru. The Divine Tantra of Shiva and Shakti. The retrieval of powerful sacred objects and ancient technology. The mastering of ethereal sacred multi-dimensions. The return of the gods and goddesses of light. And the ultimate battle of light versus darkness at Machu Picchu. Click the book cover to view all my mystical books. Read the first chapter free by clicking the Amazon link at each book website page. All 12 books are available on worldwide Amazon.