Divine Love - Authenticity, Intimacy, Awakening

Divine seeker,

How would you FEEL in an exquisilicious relationship?

Do you desire deep authenticity and loving intimacy?

Are you ready to invite boundless joy into your life?

Is it time to let go and flow into supreme peace?

You deserve an awesome life.

New ideas are replacing long-held stagnant beliefs.

Sense the exciting updates and profound changes!

Notice the breathtaking opportunity in front of you.

Will you open your heart to a new existence?

Will you embrace a fabulous reality?

Experience the silky shawl of sumptuous self-love ... deep inner peace ... yummylicious romantic and personal connections ... overflowing bliss ... and deep spiritual fulfilment.

Divine Love is a book about authenticity and intimacy; a guide on how to truly live. It’s not about chasing heavens out there; instead, it’s about creating a slice of heaven on Earth. Bringing raw, real, deep Divine Love to your Here Now. Living and loving with your entire heart. Embracing the OMGorgeous exquisilicious feelings of fulfilment, peace and joy.

Click the book cover to view my book Divine Love. Note: All my books are novels with weaved-in teachings, except for Reflections and Divine Love which are Life Guides.