Shut Up and Kiss Me

Her silver-white hair glistened in the moonlight.

My heart paused, then I shivered with pleasure.

There she is, my goddess of the water.

Serene, powerful, wise, beautiful.

From where do you come?

I wondered quietly.

Not a mermaid.

Atlantis, she finally whispered.

Do you have a family?

Dolphins and whales are my kin.

Intriguing, mystical, longing, desire.

She ripples the water with her hand.





The deepest blue.

Move your body peacefully. My thoughts are rambling in the ocean.

Delicate fingers caressing my hair.

Do you know my Tantra Mantra?

Her eyes are satiny crystals.

My quizzical gaze shrugs.

Melodic, heart-lit smile.

Shut up and kiss me!

Everything fades ...

Love. Here. Now.

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